Bloke Seen At Bunnings Has 'Most Australian' Slogan To Encourage Social Distancing

Since the coronavirus pandemic began to spread, people have been told to keep at least one and a half metres away from each other, as social distancing is one of the most effective ways of prevent droplets from going from one person to another.

Among the many slogans designed to keep social distancing at the forefront of people's minds, few sum it up as eloquently as this one, spotted outside a Bunnings store in Melbourne.

The picture was captured outside a Bunnings in Northlands, according to social media, and shows a bloke wearing a hoodie that reads: "1.5 METRES, C***."

It's not hard to imagine what the last three letter are on the garment, but it's captured the attention of people across Australia.

One person on Reddit wrote: "I needed one of these jumpers at Aldi the other day, can't believe there are still daft b*****ds crowding you at the checkout."

Another added: "This is the most Australian thing I have ever seen."

A third said: "I want this hoodie. Not necessarily due to a pandemic. Just in general, as a long-term investment."

Turns out this legend didn't make the hoodie himself and you can actually buy it yourself online. The Far Kew Emporium (another pun) is flogging these bad boys for a cool $69.99, if you ever wanted to tell people exactly how you felt about social distancing.

But if you wanted to see a truly ingenious method of trying to encourage social distancing, check out this bar in the UK.

One landlord has installed an electric fence to enforce social distancing. Credit: The Star Inn

As pubs have finally started to reopen their doors following weeks and months of lockdown, landlords have had to change the way they operate to try and enforce social distancing.

But one publican in Cornwall went a step further than plastic screens and flyers, and has installed an electric fence to keep punters away from the bar.

Yep, that'll do it.

Staff at The Star Inn in St Just had just had enough of drinkers flouting their rules and decided that they needed a bit of tough love.

So, along with a notice asking customers politely to keep their distance from one another and staff at the bar, they have installed a fully charged electric fence running along the length of the taps.

Featured Image Credit: SydneyTom/Reddit

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