Girl, 8, rescued from floodwaters by police officer | Video

A young girl was swimming with her family in the US when they were suddenly separated by a flash flood. Her dramatic rescue was captured on video.

Dramatic video has emerged online capturing the moment a police officer plucks an eight-year-old girl from raging floodwaters.

Ohio police officer Tom Cercek pulled the girl to safety after she was separated from her family as a flash flood hit.

The family had been swimming together at Bridal Veil Falls in Walton Hills’ Metroparks on Tuesday afternoon, according to Fox News.

An Ohio police officer is being hailed a hero, after rescuing an eight-year-old girl from a flash flood. Picture: Walton Hills Police Department

Stranded on the opposite side of the rapids, the quick-thinking officer tossed a makeshift rope down to the young girl, telling her to wrap the rope around herself.

The distressed girl can be heard screaming as the police officer hoisted her up to safety, yelling: “Help! Pull!”

Nearing the top, the little girl then told the officer: “Thank you, thank you so much.”

There were no injuries, Fox 8 reported.

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