Mum-to-be reveals how she got pregnant ‘without a man or a doctor’

An expectant mum has revealed how she successfully got pregnant without a partner or even the help of a doctor – and is due any day.

A single woman who decided to take motherhood into her own hands has revealed how she got pregnant without having sex or help from a doctor.

Heavily pregnant woman Danielle Morin has shared a video detailing how she went about “making a baby” on her own “without a man or a doctor”.

Tackling the task like a special DIY project, Ms Morin – who is from California, US – told her TikTok followers she carried out a home insemination procedure on herself after ordering sperm from a donor bank online.

She used a syringe she bought from a chemist to insert the sperm – which cost $1000 ($A1440) including delivery – into her vagina and then “chilled for 30 minutes” with her legs propped up against a wall.

While home insemination is growing in popularity in Australia, medical experts have warned it poses more risk of complications.

In her video, Ms Morin said her journey to “DIY making a baby” began with fertility supplements and financial planning.

“You need to account for rent or mortgage,” she said, explaining that in her case she needed at least $US2500-$US3200 ($3A600-$A4600) per month to cover this as well as daycare costs, food and clothing an also putting away cash into a savings account which she estimated was another $US3500 ($A5000).

After researching and ordering the sperm, she explained the vial would arrive in a cryogenic tank to keep it frozen and stop it from dying.

Before she inseminated her sperm sample, she did some extensive preparation.

Ms Morin advised women who were looking to get pregnant this way to track their ovulation until their fertile window opens and then inseminate.

“Transfer your sample into your syringe and wait 15 minutes,” she said, recommending using a glove when reaching into the cold tank.

To help ease the syringe inside, she recommended using a “fertility-friendly” pH-balanced personal lubricant and treating it like you would a tampon.

After waiting half an hour, ladies need to insert a menstrual disc and then “you’re good to go”.

Ms Morin waited 14 days before taking a pregnancy test and discovering it had worked “first time” for her.

In Australia, there are regulations around sperm donation. Donors can’t be paid for their samples and if you’re not going through a fertility clinic you need to sign a legal agreement between you and the donor over the arrangement.

The agreement should explicitly detail the terms of the donation, as well as the relationship and contact, if any, the donor will have with the child. There are several reputable sperm banks in Australia.

The chance of success with artificial insemination at home is about the same as having intercourse, IVF Australia medical director Dr Peter Illingworth told ABC in 2017.

“Artificial insemination tends to have slightly higher success rate than natural intercourse because the sperm is being placed directly into the uterus, and we use some fertility drugs,” he said.

Response to Ms Morin’s video has been huge, receiving over 1.3 million views and 18,000 comments since it was posted last month.

Some said they were shocked at “how easy” it was, while others commended her for following her dreams.

On her Instagram account, Ms Morin has been documenting her pregnancy, recently posting her bub, who she has named Rhett, was due any day now.

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Tragically, she also has a dedicated section on her social media page to her son Deacon who she lost in 2016.

According to local reports, he was strangled by his teething necklace while taking a nap at daycare.

She now campaigns in her son’s name for safer, affordable childcare.

Ms Morin also sued Etsy, claiming the item – which was a gift from a close friend – was supposed to have a safety clasp that allows it to come off if pulled too tight.

The one Deacon wore had a screw on clasp instead, Kidspot reported last year.


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