Victorian Police Hand Out $220,000 Worth Of Lockdown Fines In 24 Hours

Victorian police have handed out nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth of fines in just 24 hours.

The offenders were people breaking social distancing rules and Stage 3 Stay At Home orders, leaving authorities dismayed and disappointed.

The Melbourne metro and Mitchell Shire areas went into lockdown last week to contain a large coronavirus outbreak.

However, it seems people still aren't getting the message to keep each other safe.

On Sunday alone, $219,716 worth of fines were dished out, with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews saying the time for 'warnings' was over.

"To those who aren't (following the rules), Victoria Police...issued many more warnings than fines," Mr Andrews said.

"They're not mucking about. The time for warnings is over. If you're out there, just breaking the rules, and you're betting you won't get caught, the odds are not good. You will get caught. And you will be fined."

On the same day that the fines were released, a further 177 people tested positive for coronavirus in Victoria.

That takes the state's total to 3,967.

The fines were given to just 133 people, some of whom were attending illegal parties and social gatherings. According to The Herald Sun, there were 31 people found at 'forbidden' gatherings in Melbourne's CBD. A further 13 people were also caught by police at a gathering in Southbank, another 10 at an apartment in South Wharf, and eight people at a property in Docklands.

Mr Andrews has warned that if things don't improve, the whole state will go into lockdown.

"I can't rule out we have further limits placed on people's movement. I can't rule that out," he said. "As I always said, if we're planning for it, we'll share it with the community. That's in the hands of hard working Victorians.

"People in every family right across metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, and indeed, regional communities.

"If you don't want a stage 4, if you don't want the lockdown to last a moment longer, then please follow the rules. Do the right thing by your family, your community, and every family."

Victorians have been urged to wear face masks when they're out in public, however the move hasn't been made mandatory.

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