Company claims Kanye West stole technology, files $20M lawsuit

A company is suing Kanye West for $20 million while accusing him of stealing its technology for his Sunday ServicesAccording to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, MyChannel, Inc. says it hooked up with the rapper in Spring 2018 to help with his Yeezy merchandise. In the allegations, MyChannel, which specializes in video and e-commerce technology, said its workers were tending to Kanye's business constantly and even moved its headquarters twice so it would be easier to work with the rapper. MyChannel estimates it put in 10,000 man-hours and invested $7 million of its own into the Yeezy project, TMZ says. Further, the lawsuit alleged that Kanye promised to make a $10 million investment. Soon, though, the company says it realized Kanye wasn't planning on making the investment, so it cut ties. Now the company claims Kanye is making millions from his Sunday Service by using its confidential technology. MyChannel feels that Kanye's partnership was simply a ruse to maximize revenue of Yeezy and steal the technology.
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