'Dad' Rushes To Hospital For Birth Of Quintuplets, Told Girlfriend Faked Entire Pregnancy

Paul Servat's hospital birthing experience was not at all like he had planned. Paul's girlfriend, Barbara Bienvenue, shared the news that she was pregnant after the two had only been dating for a few months. The couple had met online and quickly fell in love.
At first, Paul thought they were having a single baby. Then Barbara told him that it was twins, then triplets, then quadruplets, finally saying that she was actually pregnant with quintuplets! Throughout it all, Paul remained happy and excited about the idea of raising so many babies at once.
The couple did everything that you would expect when preparing for quintuplets. Five cribs were set up, clothes were purchased, and everything was ready for the big arrival. Finally, the moment arrived and Paul took Barbara to the hospital to deliver the babies. However, that is exactly what did not happen.
Paul was devastated when he found that Barbara was not pregnant at all. She was suffering from what doctors refer to as phantom pregnancy. Instead of delivering five babies, Barbara was actually admitted to the psychiatric floor for observation.

Officially called pseudocyesis, this illness makes women believe that they are actually pregnant. In one day, Paul lost everything. Our hope is that one day he goes on to be a real father. 
This video explains the entire story and how Paul reacted to the shocking news:
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