Daddy Finds Out His Little Girl Has A Boyfriend – Hilarity Ensues When He Threatens To Hurt Him

They say all is fair in love and war, but did they consider the age limit?
Tell that to the little girl who has since gone viral after hilariously revealing to her parents the existence of her boyfriend. Of course, this was all in jest and it’s clearly her friend, but her parents don’t seem to be convinced one bit as they playfully interrogate her to giving more details. What comes next might be too cute to watch just once.

The precious little girl begins by sharing the big news of the day: “I had a boyfriend,” she said in an adorable tone. Mommy, shocked while recording her, didn’t think she heard right and asked her, ” You had a what?!”

Unabashfully, the toddler confirmed her statement without hesitation
“Is he cute? What’s his name?” her mommy asks to get into the juicy details. While the toddler seemed confused about the boy’s name, she at least agreed that he was a handsome young fellow. The little girl tried as hard as she could, but no name came to mind when trying to respond.

On the other hand, we have the toddler’s daddy to take into account. Let’s just say, the term “daddy’s little girl” definitely applies in the situation. Despite the twinkle in her eye, Daddy wasn’t having any of this boyfriend nonsense.

As the little girl tries to recall her love bird’s name, her dad quickly interjects, “Is he ready to die? Where does this guy live I’m going to hurt him.”
Well that took a sudden twist! I mean, could we expect any less from a father who’s trying to protect his baby girl? At least it shows that he is protective and willing to go the extra mile for his sweet little bundle of joy. Dad, we have news for you, this might get worse as she gets older just a heads up!

In an act of valor, the little girl lets her dad know that she does not approve of him hurting her boyfriend and immediately tells him to not think about it.

“Why not?” Asks her mom referring to dad hurting the boy. The toddler innocently responds, “Cause I don’t want daddy to hurt him.”

While some people might debate the topic of global warming, there’s no refuting that this baby girl is seriously melting our hearts with her sweetness.
The combination of her responses with her cute dress and drinking cup is enough to delight anyone’s day!

The video concludes when we finally get the big reveal: her boyfriend’s name is Jack! After some time to gather her thoughts, the sweet girl spills the beans on the identity of this so-called friend that is a boy. And of course, her dad was ready to persist and let her know he was not okay with it. The clip ends with a cutoff of the little girl’s dad chiming in one more time to give his daughter advice.

Age isn’t just a number when it comes to having responsible talks about your significant other. These parents caught their daughter in the moment and just decided to have a laugh over a concept that’s way over her head.

Another story shows a toddler also revealing to her dad about the existence of her boyfriend. It seems this is becoming quite the household trend for daughters trying to give their dad’s a heart attack!

At any rate, we hope all goes well for both sides and that their friendship flourishes like a fresh cherry blossom in the springtime.

Lucky for us, the entire experience was caught on video. Make sure to check out the adorable video below!

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