Grandmother Calls Police About Missing Granddaughter. Cops Find 5-Year-Old Locked Under Stairs

The unfortunate reality is that many children are abused by their parents or caregivers. These are people who should love them unconditionally and who should make their care and well-being a top priority. In many instances, cases of suspected abuse are reported to authorities by neighbors and even extended family members. This was the case for little Angel.

Angel’s grandmother loved spending time with her, but she had grown increasingly concerned. For the last few months, she had not seen her precious granddaughter. She finally decided to contact law enforcement and ask them to conduct a welfare check on the family. Law enforcement officials asked her daycare teacher, Tracy Harrell, to assist in the search.

When police searched the home with Tracy, they could not believe what they found.

Angel was locked in a small closet underneath the home’s staircase.
The 5-year-old girl had once had beautiful blonde curls, a big smile and blue eyes. When police found her, it was clear that she had been horribly abused. She appeared to be weak and frail, and her blue eyes expressed her pain and sadness.

More than that, she was filthy and had obviously been burned and battered. Bruises wrapped around her neck. Angel told police that she did not recall the last time she had been given food.

Harrell told a local news reporter that the girl's head was partially shaved. Unshaved areas of her head had patches where it appeared someone had ripped her hair out of her head. When Angel saw Harrell, she wrapped her visibly shaking arms around Harrell’s neck and clung to her. Angel asked Harrell not to leave her.

Thankfully, the child’s daycare teacher was able to provide an immediate sense of security to a child who had clearly experienced severe abuse.

Watch Angel's grandmother talk about the horrific story:

Angel’s father and his girlfriend have both been arrested and charged with neglect, child abuse and assault with a deadly weapon. The case worker who had been assigned to monitor Angel has resigned, and her supervisor has been fired for poor job performance.

Angel’s biological mother as well as her aunt and uncle are attempting to obtain custody of Angel and hope to provide her with a much happier, healthier home environment.

You can learn more about this story in the video below:

It is every parent's worst nightmare to see their child suffer and getting hurt. What do you think should happen to the people who mistreated Angel? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to show this story to your loved ones, letting them know how much you care for them.

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