Horror footage shows Melbourne cop thrown wildly

Shocking CCTV has captured the moment a policeman is thrown metres into the air by a reversing car allegedly driven by a car thief.The footage shows the officer wrestling with Jahdon Tamati in the driver’s seat of a Range Rover SUV in a South Yarra carpark. Police allege Mr Tamati then reversed the car.The CCTV shows the policeman then gets trapped by the open car door before he is thrown metres into the air and onto the roof of a parked car.The car drives off as the officer, who suffered minor injuries, and his partner start to give chase.Police have alleged the car was stolen from South Melbourne between August 9 and 14.Mr Tamati, 30, of St Kilda, was arrested a short time later after allegedly dumping the car nearby.A police spokesman said the incident unfolded after police spoke to him about 5.15pm on Friday in Simmons St, South Yarra.He alleged Mr Tamati ran off to a stolen car in a nearby carpark where police attempted to stop him from driving away.“A struggle ensued between the driver and both officers (and) the driver allegedly reversed with one of the police officers still clinging to the side of the car before the officer was thrown into parked cars nearby,” he said.Police will allege Mr Tamati dumped the car in nearby Bray St and was arrested a short time later.Mr Tamati was taken to hospital under police guard for treatment for a non-related medical condition.Mr Tamati has since been charged with aggravated intentional and reckless exposure of a police officer to risk by driving, assaulting police, resisting arrest, possessing a controlled weapon, theft of a motor vehicle and numerous other traffic offences.He faced Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Monday morning where he was remanded until his next appearance on November 2.He was also hit with a $1652 fine for being in breach of Melbourne’s stage 4 lockdown while allegedly committing the offences.When asked about the video at Monday’s media briefing, Premier Daniel Andrews said he had not seen it but it had “been a very challenging year for Victoria Police and they just keep turning up”.“Victoria Police are out there in numbers and they’re doing some of the most important work … and people should respect the police,” Mr Andrews said.“They really are, they are there keeping us safe and these rules, if they are not followed, that will just mean numbers don’t come down and we just keep having days like this where we’ve got many, many people who are dying.”

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