Lonely Dog Flees The Yard To Find His Best Friend For A Hug

Have you ever missed somebody so bad, that’d you do anything to see them?
Many can relate. In fact, Vanessa Carlton wrote a pretty amazing pop song about it – “A Thousand Miles.”
Well, meet Messy the labrador. Messy hasn’t seen his friend up close in a long time.
And he’s actually much cleaner than his name suggests!

Source: Facebook/Oranit Kittragul

Messy currently lives with his mother, Oranit Kittragul in Thailand.
They have a pretty good life, featuring frequent trips to the beach.
Here’s beautiful Bangkok at night. The lights are stunning.

Source: Pixabay/sasint

Despite the wonderful location, Messy’s been feeling a little blue.
His Husky friend Audi, who lives on the other side of the street, leads a pretty lonesome life. Sometimes they go a while without seeing each other at all.
Audi’s usually locked up at home all day while his human companion works.

Source: Pixabay/Free-Photos

Messy and Audi often share conversations at a distance, through friendly barks, of course.
The distance is only physical. They’re close at heart, even when they can’t actually see each other.

Source: pixel2013

Despite the space between them, they try to keep in constant communication. Some days are especially hard, but they make the best of it.
“When [Audi] feels lonely and cries, I always ask my dog to see and talk to him. My dog just looks from my fence and sometimes he barks to [Audi]. I don’t know what they are communicating, but he stops crying.”
Messy’s wink seems to indicate that everything’s going to be okay!

Source: Facebook/Oranit Kittragul

One day, long after the last time they rendezvoused, Audi’s human companion forgot to latch the yard’s gate.
Instead of standing around, Audi immediately darts across the street, eager to see his best friend. That surely beats the lonely yard!
Messy takes notice, soon greeting his friend in person… or in dog?
Regardless, the result’s absolutely precious.

Source: Facebook/Oranit Kittragul

As Courage the Cowardly Dog has stated countless times, “The things I do for love!”
Fortunately, Oranit was outside at the perfect moment, snapping one of the most heartwarming dog photos of all time.
My heart is so full right now.

Source: Facebook/Oranit Kittragul
Fortunately, Oranit’s best friend has a heart of gold. Messy and Audi have certainly missed each other.
“When [Audi] feels lonely and cries, I always ask my dog to see and talk to him.”
I’m sure their relationship will continue to grow as time goes by. It’s not easy being a dog in this world, and fortunately, they have each other.
Oranit and Messy have it made, especially with Audi across the street. And they’re always down for frequent walks on the beach.

Source: Facebook/Oranit Kittragul

Soon after the warm embrace, the dogs’ human companions vowed to give Messy and Audi more playtime. I agree completely with the decision!
I’m sure they’ll have their paws full with play dates!
I imagine they’ll be as happy as these two playing pups.

Source: Pexels/Thijs van der Weide

Messy and Audi remind us that we need to be there for others, and they’re absolutely adorable doing it.
These are especially lonely days, and some have struggled to find ways to occupy their minds during the epoch of quarantines and lockdowns.
These dogs won’t let anything get in the way of their unique bond. Even if they’re not in sight, they’ll send loving barks to keep spirits high.
That’s what real friends do.
They’re setting an adorable example for all of us to follow.

Source: PhotoMIX-Company

What do you think of Messy and Audi’s adorable friendship? Nothing can keep them apart! They’ll be besties forever.
Although things are looking up globally, the pandemic persists. Make sure to maintain healthy communication with your loved ones forever and for always.
We need love more than ever right now!

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