Racist man on train knocked out with a single punch by fellow commuter

Video captured the white man, who calls himself Billy Steele, shouting at a group of black men on the same carriage for several minutes on the Central Line on Saturday.

In the video, the white man can be heard proclaiming it was “popular to be racist” and “this is my home, you are all going back”.

Passengers begin to argue with the man but he holds firm, saying black passengers were his “pets” and “lesser than us”.

The group of black men prepared to leave the train as it pulled into Bank station.

As the white man yells “come on” and holds up his fists, one member of the group swings around and punches the man in the face, sending him sprawling backwards.

Other passengers can be heard cheering as the man on the floor of the carriage.

“Well done,” one woman can be heard saying.

The video has clocked up millions of views since it was shared on social media.

Many viewers enjoyed the heavy dose of karma delivered to the man, while others condemned the violence used to silence him.

A spokesperson for British Transport Police told The Independent they were aware of the video and were investigating.

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