Woman who found out she's pregnant after losing husband to cancer is devastated to find out she's lost the baby, too

Alexandra Dolphin and Stuart got married in 2017. Months later, Stuart was diagnosed with cancer.

The unexpected nature of life can sometimes break your heart. One woman was devastated when she lost her husband to cancer but she was lucky to have her ray of hope growing in her womb.
Alexandra Dolphin lost her husband, Stuart to cancer. When his death left her feeling empty, she found out she was pregnant. Though a baby could never replace her loving spouse, she hoped their child would be the symbol of their everlasting love.
Stuart and Alexandra yearned to start a family together. So, the couple was trying to conceive through IVF. Just two days before Stuart died, the couple did an embryo transfer. "I found out between Stuart passing and the funeral, that I was pregnant," said the woman, according to The Sun.
But, fate was so cruel that it did not even allow her to experience the joy of having a part of her husband with her. On her 12-week scan, Alexandra discovered she had lost her baby.
“It was very upsetting. I tried again later, which wasn’t successful," said the woman, according to The Sun. “Stuart was a brilliant husband and he would have been an incredible father. He always used to say he couldn’t wait, and that he wanted four kids altogether – which I told him was pretty ambitious. He said he didn’t care what order they came in, but that he’d love a boy to play football with. He’d have loved being a dad. We’d have loved being a family," she continued. 
Alexandra and Stuart grew up in the same city in England. However, the couple from Preston only crossed paths in 2015. Soon, they fell in love and married in 2017. Speaking of their wedding, Alexandra said, "It was perfect. We said afterward there wasn’t a thing we’d have changed," according to The Sun.
Just a few months into the life they dreamt of, Alexandra saw her husband forgetting things. His forgetfulness was weird but neither of them thought it would be related to a deadly disease.
“It was perfect. We said afterward there wasn’t a thing we’d have changed. It’s only in hindsight - I know it should have been an alarm bell - but at the time I thought he wasn’t listening to me. I would say, ‘Stu, we’ve only been married a few months and we’re already like an old married couple ignoring each other’," said Alexandra, according to The Sun. 
The couple then consulted a general physician and was prescribed anti-depressants. But, seeing her husband's changes, Alexandra knew there was some other issue. Just two days after their consultation, Stuart fell ill. 
"I called 111 and they came out to see him, did the basic observations which were normal, but said to get him to hospital because something obviously wasn’t right," said Alexandra, reminiscing the day. On 13 August, 2018, the couple was informed of Stuart's tumor.
“They told us Stu had an aggressive, incurable, grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme. An aggressive form of brain cancer that couldn’t be cured. It was horrendous. For Stuart, that was just the worst thing. He was always a lucky guy, one of those people things go well for. If he got a scratch card, nine times out of 10 he’d have won something, and he thought of himself as a lucky guy. When the doctor said that he said, ‘So that’s it, my luck’s run out’. He was devastated," said Alexandra, according to The Sun.
It was painful and scary to the couple but having no option, they knew they had to fight the illness. For the next six months, Stuart went through intense radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  
"His appearance changed dramatically through the treatment, and from someone who was always athletic and slim, he gained weight quickly because of the steroids and lost a lot of his hair. It was just another cruel thing for him to deal with, but again he just got on with it," recalled the woman.
Though the treatment ended on 7 November, 2018, the tumor grew back in January 2019. Stuart went through another round of treatments and was sent home later. The couple made the most of their time together. On May 19, 2019, their time together came to an end. Stuart suffered a seizure and passed away. 
“He’d had seizures for months, and we were told if one lasted more than five minutes to call an ambulance. We got in the car on the driveway, but before we left Stu didn’t look well. I called his parents, who were nearby, and they headed our way. When they arrived he had a seizure, and we called an ambulance. Heather and her fiancé Chris were with them, and Chris and some of the neighbors did CPR, but they couldn’t save him," recalled Alexandra. 
Letting Stuart go was not easy but Alexandra knew that was the only way for him to get rid of his pain. “It was devastating, but in a way, I’m relieved for him that it ended like that because Stuart’s biggest fear was being bedbound and not being able to do things for himself,"  said Alexandra, on her late husband's first anniversary with the support of Brain Tumour Research.
Moreover, Alexandra aims to shed light on the importance of funding brain tumor researches.
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