Women think they can hear a dog whining in the bushes, find abandoned newborn twin girls

A group of women were stopped in their tracks when they heard cries coming from a bush.
They thought it was the faint whimpering of puppies but on a closer inspection they discovered a horrifying sight.
Two newborn twin girls, with their umbilical cords still attached, were discovered in the city of Curitiba, in the southern Brazilian state of Parana.
The twins had been born full term and had been dumped shortly after birth.
“I thought they were a dog and when I looked at them I realized they were two babies,” Tamela Ribeiro, one of the women who found them, said, as per the Mirror newspaper.
Police investigating the case said they believe someone driving a white van had dumped the babies.
The girls, weighing six pounds and just over three pounds, were taken to hospital and said to be in a stable condition.
Those that were involved in their rescue described them as little miracles and gave them special names. One baby girl is named Eloa, which means “God.” The other girl is named Heloisa, which means “Warrior Woman.”
The twins stayed in hospital until they were strong enough to be discharged and put up for adoption.
Twin newborn baby girls found abandoned by group of friends who ...
Daily Mirror
I have no doubt that these two tough girls will grow up to do great things. Thank goodness they’re too young to remember the horrific start they had.
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