Zoë The Cat Was Born With Heart Markings On Her Chest

Many people adore cats and kittens. Some people don’t care what kind of cat they buy or adopt, as long as it is happy and healthy. Other pet owners look for cats that have certain colors or markings.

Are you ready to hear a sweet tale about a special cat who shows her love in a very special way? Meet Zoë- a beautiful cat that was born with a beautiful marking on her chest. Zoë has a patch of solid black fur that is in the shape of a perfect heart, right in the middle of her chest. Zoë was being offered for adoption with her sister, Izzy, when their humans showed up to adopt the other cat.

Her humans fell in love with Zoë just as quickly as they did with Izzy; so much, in fact, that they decided that there was no way they were going to leave the shelter without the pair reports Bored Panda. Izzy and Zoë found their forever homes together! The two are now living happily ever after in a house that is full of love and warmth.

We are thrilled that we get to see the adorable poses and hilarious expressions that these two cats have. We bet they are absolutely precious to play with every day. The two sister cats spend hours at a time playing and rolling around with one another to the delight of their loving human family. Their expressions are just priceless!

While Izzy does not have the heart marking on her own fur like her sister does, she still has that wide-eyed look! The tuxedo cats are almost identical when you look at them, except that Zoë has her trademark heart. What a gorgeous pair!

What did you think of these two adorable cats? Have you ever had a cat or another animal that had an unusual shape on their fur? Leave us a comment below. Pass this on when you are finished with it!
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