9YO girl cries she's being sexually abused by her mom's boyfriend & "Mommy watches it happen" as she begs not to return home


Trigger Warning: This article contains details of child sexual abuse that some readers may find disturbing.

The internet went into a state of shock when a video surfaced of a little girl crying, "help me, daddy," as two women try to pull her out of the car and take her away. The heart-wrenching video went viral leaving behind several questions, can the world get any worse?

The video is of a 9-year-old girl who has accused her mother's boyfriend of sexually exploiting her. What's more horrifying is the fact that the according to the little girl, her mother watched as she was raped by the man. The girl alleged that she is a victim of domestic violence, sexual grooming, and molestation at what should have been her safe haven, her mother's home.

GoFundMe page has been set up by the girl's step-mom, Kourtney Chalmers, to help her father raise funds for the custody battle. The step-mom claims on the page that the girl's "father is fighting for her life while her abusers pull every resource to get their hands back on her."

She continues, "We have gone through 30 thousand dollars since June and the fight somehow isn't over. We have been dealing with CPS, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, DFPS, Forensic interviews, and several doctors that are helping with Sophie's recent medical issues in her private areas and as a resolute of the assault by her mother and grandmother in this video."

Along with the details, Kourtney also posted a video where the 9-year-old can be seen trying to tell her grandmother (her biological mom's mother) that she has been enduring sexual abuse from her mother's boyfriend. She can be seen pleading to her grandmother to listen to her and believe her that the boyfriend touches her inappropriately.

Her grandmother can be heard asking "Who's touching you?" to which the little girl replies, "Mr. Jake...and Mommy watches... Mommy watches it happen." It doesn't stop there. Her grandmother then asks her where does "Mr. Jake" tough her to which she says, "my Vivi."

The video then gets excruciatingly painful to watch and listen to, as the girl reveals more details. She says that she often has blood in her underwear as she pleads once again to let her stay with her father. The grandmother then can be seen dismissing all her pleas and trying to get her out of the car anyway.

On the GoFundMe page, Kourtney also mentions that the little girl is "desperate to be saved from that environment and we are desperate to help her" and that "her life has been threatened by these people and she is afraid, but has a brave heart and wants to help her brothers get away from the abuse too."

Accusing the system that has failed the child and the father she further continues, "We are down to the wire and in an all-out legal fight while trying to get law enforcement everything they need for their investigation."

She revealed that in spite of the revelations made by the child and the video which clearly shows she's distressed, the court is "actually considering giving them back to her mother and the people who help her physically and mentally assault the children according to (the girl) and the boys - including relatives of her fiancee who (the girl) has described horrific sexual encounters with."

After the video went viral, a new hashtag #StandWithSophie emerged in support of the 9-year-old. As more and more people got to know about the little girl's story, the family successfully collected $197,968 with the initial goal of $25,000. According to Texas News Today, the list of abuse allegations is longer.

Apparently, the 9-year-old's brother was tested for drugs and it came out positive for cocaine and marijuana. The girl's father, Michael Long said, “Suspicions of endangerment surfaced when we suspected that Jack had been drugged. We trusted the system to help us through the process, and instead encountered dead ends at almost every turn."

He continued, "In late June, (the girl) disclosed that she had been molested in her primary home and by other individuals who were invited in.”

The Frisco Police Department confirmed in a statement that they were looking into the matter and were "aware of the information circulating on social media related to the welfare of a child."

Looking at the attention the "active" case was garnering, they further wrote, "We certainly appreciate the passion and concern expressed by everyone on social media and consider protecting the children in our community as one of our greatest responsibility."

Later the GoFundMe page was updated by Kourtney where she wrote, "We are desperate to locate the kids. I don’t know if they are safe. What we do know is this. We love them infinitely and fear for their well being. Sophie and the boys are at immediate risk." This ticked off a lot of the supporters of the child which resulted in the criticism of the police department.

The Daily Mail reported that on September 1, the department made another statement where they said that the girl is now "safe and staying at a safe location." Judge Cynthia Wheless, on the other hand, ordered the mother's boyfriend and all the other men in her life to not have any contact with kids.

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