Am I Wrong To Pay Tribute To Ex-Girlfriend Who Died On 9/11 Just Because I Am Married Now?

Reddit user u/InfamousCut7 asked everyone on Reddit if they considered him a bad guy for writing a heartfelt tribute to his late girlfriend.

Reddit is no stranger to interesting topics and discussions. The front page of the internet is the hub for the latest news, trends and breaking updates for many people. Following the celebrations of Patriot Day which remembers the horrific events that took place on September 11, 2001, an anonymous Reddit user u/InfamousCut7 posted on the site saying that he celebrated the memory of a loved one who died during the 9/11 attacks. 

The Redditor made use of the 'Am I The A**hole' (AITA) platform to narrate how his post honoring the memory of his ex-girlfriend put his marriage in a fix. He begins his post by explaining the story of how he 'lost' his "late-girlfriend on 9/11". According to the Redditor, she worked on the 67th floor at the Time Warner Center that collapsed due to the explosion. 

Recalling further he said that "I had no calls or texts from her, all I hope is that her last moments were painless and fearless". However, after having a "near-death accident", the Redditor claims to have realized the importance that family and friends play in one's life. "This year I suffered a near-death accident. After it, I did a lot of looking back on my life...and having lost family and friends in tragic ways I decided to stop taking things for granted and began cherishing the people I am close with", he wrote. 

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So it goes without saying that he chose Patriot Day to honor his late ex-girlfriend. He wrote a post on his Facebook account and described his feelings in detail. "So for this year, I posted a tribute for my late-girlfriend onto my FB. It was just 4 pictures (1 of her, 2 of us holding hands/hugging, and 1 of us in her office when she first got hired)." The Redditor goes on to explain how the pictures "wasn't too over-romantic", but he did end up expressing that "I'll always miss you, and you will always be a big part of who I am. I hope you are proud of me". 

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But now, the Redditor is married and when his wife found out about this post, she was apparently not amused. "A few hours late though, my wife texted me and was furious" he added in the post. Apparently, she went on to even question the foundation of their marriage after reading his post. "She asked if I loved her or if I wanted to get a divorce. She told me it was a slap on her face to post my ex onto my FB" the Redditor InfamousCut7 wrote.

"Of course I love my wife more than anything, and my intentions were not to harm her in any way, so I felt guilty and took down the post" he added. The user did remove the post from his Facebook account but he could not help but question if what he did was wrong or not. Other users gave mixed opinions regarding this incident, with some empathizing with the user and others criticizing him for the hurt it caused his current wife. 

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