Guard Orders Crowd To 'Maintain A Level Of Silence And Respect' After They Laugh At Tomb Of The Unknowns


If you visit the Tomb Of The Unknowns, you expect that everyone around you is going to be quiet and respectful. However, this is not always the case in some crowds. A soldier who was honored to be placed as a guard at the location was shocked to learn just how disrespectful people could be. Not everyone has the grace and politeness to stand and pay their respects quietly, as we are about to see.
The Tomb Of The Unknowns is a monumental area where many people come out to reflect on the past in silence. Being respectful and quiet is usually a given. On this particular day, there were many people who decided that these unspoken rules didn’t apply to them. The soldier in charge heard many people laughing and talking in the crowd as he paced back and forth in front of the monument. Since he was a respectable soldier in charge, he decided that it was up to him to do something about it. He knew that some people needed to learn that there was a time and place for everything, and this wasn’t the time for conversation and laughter.
The best part of the video is how calm and direct the soldier is when he admonishes the talkers. Sure, he probably felt like yelling right at the people who were causing such a commotion, but he maintained a level of calm. While his tone of voice was intimidating to some, it definitely got the message across to those who needed to hear it. While some people believe that the soldier was yelling at the crowd of people, others say that is simply how military personnel talks. He was using a firm tone in order to make his message heard. Not only that, the people talking needed to hear it. “It is requested that everyone maintains a level of silence and respect,” he is heard saying.
After he stopped and voiced his concerns, the soldier spun on his heel and began his solitary march once again. He did exactly what he thought was the right thing to do for the situation. He sets an example by staying quiet after he calls the people out. What did you think of the soldier? Should he have called the people in the crowd out? Let us know your own thoughts in the comments and then pass this on to others.
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