Heartbreaking Video Of Elderly Man Being Pushed By 25-Year-Old From Bus Leading To His Death Shared By Police


74-year-old Serge Fournier died from complications from the fall. He died on April 21 2019, a month after the incident. He's survived by his wife, who is disabled. The woman who pushed him has been charged with murder.

An elderly man in Las Vegas died after being pushed from a bus by a 25-year-old woman because he told her to "be nicer to other passengers." Although Serge Fournier, 74, did not die immediately after being pushed, the complications he suffered as a result of the injuries from the incident ultimately killed him state his medical reports. Fournier is survived by his wife who is disabled. A video of the entire incident was taken from a surveillance camera inside the bus. It was released by the police reports news3lv. The woman who pushed Fournier has been identified as Cadesha Bishop. The incident took place on March 21 near 13th Street and Fremont Street. Bishop had been cursing at other passengers inside the bus. As Fournier was exiting the bus holding his walker, Bishop pushed him with both her hands and proceeded to walk to the back of the bus while Fournier lay helplessly on the ground outside. Caught unawares he was unable to break his fall and fell head first. According to another news3lv report, Fournier hit his head on the concrete sidewalk. Fournier suffered for several weeks and spent a month in the hospital before he tragically passed away on April 23. He suffered from multiple injuries and died in medical care. An autopsy on Fournier revealed that the victim died due to delayed complications from blunt force trauma. The manner of death was ruled a homicide. Bishop shortly left the scene of the crime after a while. Her son was also with her at the time of the incident. On May 3, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrested Bishop. Video surveillance showed Bishop arguing with other passengers before she pushed Fournier out of the bus.
Bishop seems to have anger issues as has been confirmed by her former partner and father of her son who described her as being violent. This was one of the reasons why he had separated from her. According to news3lv, Fournier's friend Trevor Taylor was in tears while talking about his friend. "He was an excellent neighbor. Very nice, religious person," said Taylor. He had also met Fournier after the incident and said that he was in a lot of pain. "After he was pushed off the bus, he came here for a day or two and then his pain was so great he had to call an ambulance -- went to the hospital."
According to the Clark County coroner, Fournier died from complications from the push. Taylor said he would never forget his friend and that wanted to see the guilty punished. He added, "No matter what his age, she should not have done that. People need a little more patience than what they have these days. I will always remember him being a wonderful person," Another friend of Fournier's, Ken Mallen said his friend's loss is still being felt. "I know it caused several financial problems for his wife." Checlzzi Powell, another friend said that people need to respect the elderly. "He's a little slow because his back and legs were ailing," said Powell. Detectives managed to identify Bishop through the bus surveillance video and arrested her. They are also seeking assistance in locating any individuals who were present during the incident.
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