Kids at $33K-a-year school mock the 'poor'


Elite private school students filmed naming ‘worst’ Sydney suburbs

Hours after students from an elite Sydney school were exposed over a sick challenge, a new video has emerged that will make things worse.

Shore School students, an elite private school in Sydney, have named the worst suburbs, with one boy branding residents "druggos".

One of Sydney’s elite private schools has been hit with another controversy, just hours after vile muck-up day challenges set by Year 12 students were uncovered.

Students from Shore School in North Sydney have been filmed labelling some of Sydney’s poorest suburbs as the “worst” in the area, with one student labelling residents “druggos”.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by popular creator Fonzie Gomez and showed boys in the Shore school uniform being asked to name the “worst” suburbs in Sydney.

A group of four boys all name Blacktown, in Sydney’s west, as one of the worst suburbs.

When asked why, one boy simply says “because it’s Blacktown”, before another jumps in, adding “yeah, druggos”.

All four of these Shore School students labelled Blackdown as the worst Sydney suburb, with one student labelling residents ‘druggos’.

One of the other boys claimed there were “too many eshays” in the suburb. ‘Eshays’ are characterised as groups of teenagers, mainly boys, that wear branded clothing, bum bags and are often associated with muggings and violence.

Other students claimed Bankstown, in Sydney’s southwest, was the wost suburb, with one boy also naming “eshays” as the reason for his answer, claiming “they’ll roll ya”.

Another boy branded Mt Druitt, also in western Sydney, as the worst suburb, saying it was full of “lame thugs and eshays”.

There was one student whose answer was very different to his peers, naming the affluent suburb of Mosman as the worst due to “the rich kids” living there.

The video has since been taken down. contacted Shore School but was told the school would not be commenting on the video.

The video has since been removed from the creator’s TikTok page.

This isn’t the first time students have sparked fury with a TikTok video. The school was blasted last week after students uploaded footage showing off the campus facilities.

In the video, students showed off the Shore “recovery pool”, a “harbour view library” and a “50 mill gym”.

The school later ordered students to take the clip down but not before it went viral, with students from public schools using the video to show the stark comparison between their own facilities.

NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge branded the video “deeply offensive”, saying it showed how unfair it was that private schools continue to get public funding.

This latest controversy comes just hours after a crime-filled rampage planned by Shore School seniors was brought to light, with some of the activities so vile they were reported to NSW Police.

A rule book for Year 12 students’ muck-up day, which encouraged other school leavers to complete challenges in the “Triwizard Shorenament”, was obtained by The Sydney Morning Herald.

The document included a list of activities for the students to complete on Wednesday night, with points given to challenges based on their level of difficulty.

Some of the most disturbing challenges asked students to “spit on a homeless man”, “sack whack a complete random walking past”, “deck” a stranger of their choice and defecate on a train.

Many of the challenges encouraged students to take drugs, including “rail a cap” (snorting MDMA) and “rip a cone on Harbour Bridge”.

Tuition at the school runs at more than $33,000 a year for a senior student.
 Other tasks revolved around various sexual activities, with one alarming challenge urging the senior students to target girls under the age of 15 and kiss them.

They were also challenged to have sex with women that fill various categories, including a woman 40 years or older, weighing over 80kg or “lower than a 3/10” in terms of attractiveness.

Shore School’s Headmaster, Dr Timothy Petterson, said the school “unequivocally condemns” the activities outlined in the document.

“The document appears to be the work of a small number of boys who are not representative of our wider Year 12 group. The activities are unlawful, harmful and disrespectful of the public and have appalled our school community,” Dr Petterson said in a statement.

“The activities do not reflect Shore’s values or what the school stands for.

“Shore has already communicated to parents in the strongest possible terms that boys are not to take part in the activities. Any boy who does participate risks losing their place at Shore.”

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