Local church throws a baby shower for a 10-year-old girl who was raped and made pregnant by her stepfather

The adults in her life decided that the girl would continue on with the pregnancy and become a mother by the age of 11.

To go through pregnancy at the age of 10 and give birth by the age of 11 can be a physically and emotionally overwhelming experience for a child. But when it involves adults who never asked for consent, it can be all the more traumatizing. A child went through this ordeal after she was raped by her stepfather, 31-year-old Horacio Insaurralde.

The little girl and her mother had moved in with Horacio earlier this year but when things were not working out between the mother and stepfather, the woman and child moved out. Eventually, it caught the attention of the child's grandmother that her belly was growing. This was about two months after things ended between Horacio and the mother, and the grandmother told the parent about the child's growing belly.

Soon, it was confirmed that the 10-year-old girl was pregnant and was allegedly carrying the child of her stepfather who reportedly raped her, according to Mirror. At first, the mother considered the option of Legal Interruption of Pregnancy (ILE) to exempt her daughter from having to continue through the pregnancy as she was firstly, too young, and secondly, carrying a baby after being raped.

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But Ester Dotro, the leader of a Collective Feminist group, revealed that the mother took the advice of a doctor who was described to a very religiously driven person.

Ester revealed that the doctor "thought it was riskier to stop the pregnancy than to continue it," citing the fact that the child was already 24 weeks into the pregnancy at the time. The feminist group's leader added that the doctor's "explanation was influenced by her own ideological and religious opinions," but she acknowledged her "medical and social work because they have done a lot."

Hearing the doctor's advice along with "some other influences of voices" was "enough for the mum to not have any doubt of placing her daughter’s life in danger any further." Thus, the 10-year-old went on to carry the baby full-term at an age where she cannot even fathom how this changes her life.

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Members of the local church even threw a baby shower for the pregnant child, who is now 11 years old. Pictures from the baby shower were shared on social media, showing the little girl, who should ideally be having toys of her own, posing next to a gifted teddy bear and even a pushchair for the baby on the way, reported The Sun.

The baby shower was described as an "intimate" occasion where people even followed the rules for social distancing. Pastor Mari of the Ministerial Apostolic and Prophetic Church of Monte Caseros spoke about the pregnant child giving birth to another child and said, "I am neutral. That is a family decision," as quoted by Mirror.

"We have not given any advice to the family," the pastor went on to say. "I accept that it is a mother and a very young girl. However, the baby that is coming is a life and the young girl has to be attended psychologically."

Although the pastor said he was "in favour of life," he added that "the person that did it has to pay the consequences."

Other officials from the church also said they were throwing the baby shower "to support the young mother and her family," and apart from adding that the rapist should be punished, they remained neutral on other aspects related to the birth.

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A couple of days after the "celebration" at the baby shower, it was time for the baby to come out, and the girl was taken to the Neonatal Eloisa Torrense de Vidal Hospital where her young and underdeveloped body underwent a caesarean section. The doctors believed that the girl's body would not be able to handle the process of naturally giving birth.

Following the procedure, the girl became mother to a baby boy.

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