Man Raped 3-Month-Old Baby And Fractured Her Ribs, Only 4 Years In Prison


Andrew Glasser, 33, from Bismark entered into an Alford plea deal which is not an admission of guilt but is an agreement that evidence could be found against him to convict him.

Trigger Warning: The story has details of child abuse that readers may find disturbing

A pedophile who is accused of raping a 3-month-old baby girl and broke her ribs during the assault, besides inflicting other injuries, was sentenced to four years in prison.  Andrew Glasser, 33, from North Dakota entered a plea deal known as the Alford plea with authorities on Monday. The plea is not an admission of guilt by the accused but is an agreement that evidence found against him would produce a guilty verdict. Courts in the state treat the Alford plea as a guilty plea.  The case dates to October 2017 when the baby was taken to a hospital with a number of injuries that looked suspicious. Medical examiners concluded that the baby suffered rib fractures due to squeezing and trauma injuries to several parts of her body.  These include injures that were in different stages of healing in the fibula and those to the baby's femur and tibia.


According to Metro, the baby was brought to a hospital in October 2017 suffering from several injuries. It is unclear how Glasser is related to the baby. When doctors asked him about the injuries, Glasser gave answers that were not at all convincing. He said he hurt the child accidentally while when he pushed her legs to her stomach. He said he did this so as to 'relieve gas.' The hospital soon contacted the police who got the truth out of Glasser. The Bismark Tribune reports that prosecutors in the case said Glasser had inflicted 'a significant injury' to the baby but sentenced him to just four years in prison. The investigators also found out that Glasser had formatted his cellphone to reset it so that all possible evidence of his wrongdoing would be wiped out.


Nevertheless, forensic experts who examined Glasser's phone found out that he had been downloading child pornography intentionally for quite some time. The examiners found out that he had a number of images of child pornography, said Julie Lawyer, the Burleigh County State’s Attorney. When all the evidence were stacked against him, Glasser finally pleaded guilty to various charges. These include abusing the 3-month-old as well as tampering with evidence. He also pleaded guilty to 10 other counts related to the possession of child pornography. A presentence investigation (a proceeding following a criminal conviction at which a jury or judge examines all particulars relevant to the criminal and his or her offense, before passing sentence) was also ordered.  


The prosecution told Judge David Reich from the South Central District, who heard the case, that three doctors concluded the injury on the baby was a "penetrating wound." Additionally, Reich was told that Glasser 'injured' the infant. "There’s no excuse for that," whole adding there was "nothing but pain in this situation," according to Robert Bolinske, defense attorney. Bolinkse asked for leniency in sentencing due to Glasser's no past records of crime. He advocated that Glasser get probation and no prison on account of the same and since he had no violations while he was on pretrial release. Glasser will, however, have to register as an offender against children and a sex offender.  "His life is over as he knows it," Bolinske said. 



Glasser, who has been working two jobs according to his lawyer, added,  "I’m trying to get my life back after it stopped on a dime two years ago." He also said he was sorry for what he had done to "any victims affected by this" and pleaded for a sentence of probation. Reich, however, said he would have to incarcerate Glasser or else he would be failing in his duty.  "I keep coming back to the victim," Reich said adding that the description of the child’s broken bones as 'troubling'. "This was a very young, helpless victim," he noted. Glasser was sentenced to "10 years in prison with all but four years suspended for a period of five years on supervised probation on the most serious charge," the report said.

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