Melbourne man erupts with explosive rant at cops


Man erupts in explosive driveway rant at Victoria Police

A man has erupted in an explosive rant at Victoria Police in his driveway in the Melbourne suburb of Point Cook that was caught on video.

A man has erupted in an explosive rant at Victoria Police in his driveway in the southwestern Melbourne suburb of Point Cook, which was all caught on video.

The man can be heard hurling abuse at officers calling them “gutless cowards and “paedophile protectors” in a four-minute rant laden with expletives.

The dramatic incident was filmed by another woman.

The clash occurred on Wednesday when an officer pulled the man over and the man says, “what’s going on mate?”

The male officer, who is wearing a mask, says “hey driver” as he pulls on a pair of latex gloves and identifies himself as a member of the Public Order Response Team.

When the officer asks, “Can you produce a driver’s licence please?”, the man responds, “no, I don’t have a driver’s licence on me … I can give you my name.”

When the officer says, “yes please if you would”, the man tells them his name is Robert and supplies his last name.

“And your address?” the officer says, to which Robert says, “My address? I don’t know my address mate.”

As the officer responds, “Mmm”, a second officer hovers into view and a police vehicle pulls up behind him and Robert’s tirade begins.

“Do you want to call any more f***ing police? Because this is f***ing harassament,” Robert says.

“I don’t understand any of your laws and I don’t understand any of your s***.

“What is the reason you are pulling me over in front of my … what?

“You followed me down the road, did you not, cos I got this all on camera … thank you for all the harassment.

“Don’t speak to me like cos, who are you?

“Nothing but paedophile protectors.”


 A man has erupted in an explosive rage caught on video at Victoria Police in his driveway in suburban Melbourne. Picture: Facebook.


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The policeman calmly asks if he is finished but the man demands to know why he has been pulled over.

When they tell him it’s for “driving a motor vehicle on a highway”, he repeats the words and says, “oh mate, you’re the best, you’re [expletive] now.

“That is not an offence.”

The police tell him to get out of the car and he demands to know their names.

“I don’t understand any of your charges … get off my property please,” Robert says.

“Off my property please. It’s unlawful. I don’t understand any of your s***.

“You’re trying to tell me you can pull me over for no reason. Harassment, this is the best.

“Thank you very much because this will be going to my lawyer.”
When a female officer turns up, Robert says “here we go, another one. What’s your name love?”
When she tells him not to yell at her, he says, “I’m sick of the f***ing harassment.”
He then calls the group of four officers “a bunch of gutless cowards … who pick on old ladies.

 The man can be heard hurling abuse at officers, calling them ‘gutless cowards and “paedophile protectors’ in a four minute rant.

“Get the f*** off my property, hey get off my f***ing property, get the f*** off my f***ing property.

“You gutless piece of paedophile protecting s***.

“That’s right, remember who you work for. You’re supposed to work for us, but you don’t.

“You think you can intimidate the public. Wait until the public wake up and take youse on.

“Wait until that happens and then you’ll experience real f***ing fear

Under Victorian law, drivers must carry a licence when they are behind the wheel and produce a licence when asked for by a police officer.

Victoria Police said: “The force is aware of a video circulation on social media where a man abuses police members after being intercepted driving a motor vehicle in Point Cook on Wednesday.”

“We remind all drivers that the Road Safety Act requires that they must state their name and address and produce their driver's licence when requested to do so by a police officer.”

The incident is under investigation.



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