Police Is Looking For This Lady Who's Putting Dog Poo In Trump Supporters' Mailboxes


The police, who are looking for the suspect, have released a photo of a woman who appears to be on her bicycle. They are asking for public help in identifying her.

The Maine police are busy trying to track down a woman who has been putting dog poop in the mailboxes of Donald Trump supporters. As per police reports, the offender has intentionally been targeting homes in the Hampden area,  specifically houses that have Trump or Trump-related signs on their front yards. According to NY Daily News, the woman resorted to doing the prank with the Hampden Police Department stating that the incidents took place on Sunday and Monday. Startled to find poop in their mailboxes, Republicans called the cops to find the miscreant.



The police have released a photo of the suspect who appears to be on her bicycle.  From the photo, we can deduce that the offender is a woman with shoulder-length brown hair. The woman was reportedly last seen in a purple T-shirt, denim shorts, and lavender colored Crocs and is used to wearing a black face mask when she's doing the raids. The police seem to believe that she may strike again. Speaking to WGME 13 on Thursday, Alyshia Canwell, a patrol officer with Hampden Public Safety, said: "She has been picking up dog feces and putting it in mailboxes, specifically of people who have Trump signs outside and she has been also defacing Trump signs, writing comments on the signs."



Police have so far found dog feces in at least three mailboxes. However, they haven't revealed the total number of mailboxes and Trump signs that may have been defaced with unsavory comments, reports WABI. Monic Christian, an HPD officer issued a statement and said: "There are a number of charges that could potentially happen. I mean, there’s trespass. Under federal law, you are not supposed to tamper with anyone’s mailbox. Just let people display whatever is right and respect that." The police are currently asking for the public's help to find the woman responsible for the act to bring her to justice. People on social media were amused by the unique form of retaliation the woman has hatched up to get at Trump supporters with some even offering to help as others appreciated the idea. David R Dow wrote: "If you know this hero, please tell her I volunteer to head up the pro bono defense team."



Jameson added: "People post every day about folks who don't pick up their dogs' poop. Here we have a woman providing a public service, & the cops are looking for her!" KJ wrote that he had plenty of different poops on offer and suggested that there are plenty of these boxes to fill: "Step right up, we got Labrador poop, Dalmatian poop, even got poodle poop...plenty of mailboxes to go, get yer poop right here." Jeni Port made a hilarious observation and wrote: "And half those idiots thought it was peanut butter." One of the users wrote that she wanted to keep up with good work but unfortunately, she doesn't have a dog. That's when user Jameson stepped up to point out that it was abandoned dog feces. She wrote: "She is picking up abandoned dog poop, I'm hearing. Combining public service with Resistance."


Colleen Bailey called this a "creative resistance". "Well I have to say it is creative defiance," she added. "And at least she isn’t threatening people with an AK-something or other. Or walking into stores screaming about masks." Shomari Hines wrote that the police are expending their resources for a sad reason. He questioned: "They're using what little resources they have to look for a woman who left in mailboxes?"  Ellie added: "I guess she feels so strongly about Trump she had to demonstrate his worth, in her opinion!"

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