Shocking new video: Victoria Police stomp man’s head

Shocking new video has caught Victoria Police stomping on a man’s head and piling on top of him during a dramatic Melbourne arrest.


Shocking new video shows Victoria Police stomping a man’s head during an arrest on Sunday afternoon on a suburban Melbourne street.

Video of the incident, which Victoria Police confirmed to, happened in the northern suburb of Epping and was shot from a car by a passer-by.

In the video, police can be seen closing in on a figure on a footpath.

Four officers are surrounding the man as a siren wails and one of the occupants of the car says, “What the f***” and another says, “f***ed up”.

The car moves forward to get a clearer view of the officers, two in high viz vests over their uniforms, around the man.

The camera zooms in as one officer appears to kick the man from the front and an officer behind the man brings up one foot and stomps it down on the man’s head.

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Shocking new video shows Victoria Police stomping on a man’s head on a suburban Melbourne street on Sunday afternoon. 


Inside the car, one man says, “Are you f***ing kidding me. Are you f**ing me”.

More officers arrived and they seem to be swarming over the now subdued man, as someone inside the car screams, “you’ve got his head”.

The car’s driver points at the scene and says, “f***ing animals”.

A police van arrives at the scene and pulls up alongside the man and the officers.

The couple who filmed the arrest later unleashed on social media, labelling the situation “violent” and “barbaric”.

“I don’t know what this man did, but nevertheless, this is NOT OKAY. This is absolutely disgusting behaviour from Victoria Police. Excuse my language but I couldn’t control myself,” the man said.

“He had no weapons (yes he was resisting arrest) but their violent attack and disgusting and barbaric treatment towards this guy is inexcusable,” the other man added.

Victoria Police issued a statement last night alleging the man had become aggresive when officers tried to arrest him.

“Police were called to Cooper Street, Epping, to reports of a male behaving erratically about 4.10pm (Sunday),” Victoria Police said.

“Upon arrival the male allegedly became aggressive and damaged a police vehicle whilst attempting to avoid arrest.

“During the highly dynamic incident a police officer was assaulted and OC spray was deployed before the man was arrested and subsequently taken to hospital for assessment.

“The arrest has been referred to Professional Standards Command for oversight.”


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