Shocking video of man attacked from behind while walking (⚠ WARNING: Graphic content)

Shocking video of man attacked from behind while walking shared on Instagram

A disturbing video has been shared on Instagram of a man walking in the street before being hit in the head from behind.
A shocking video of a man being attacked while walking on a street in the US has emerged on social media.
The video, which was uploaded to Instagram on Monday, shows a man with a green T-shirt, shorts and cap, walking along a footpath before being approached by a man from behind.
The second man hits the lone walker over the head with what appears to be a brick.
He then falls to the ground, face first as the attacker runs off.
A video has emerged of a man being attacked from behind while walking on a street in the US.
“YOUNG MAN YOU GOT KNOCKED TF OUT. B***H YOU BET NOT RUN,” the caption read. It also contained the hashtags #whitelivesdon’tmatter’ and #blacklivesmatter
While the clip hasn’t been verified and the context is unclear, it appears to have happened on Monday in the city of Baltimore, Maryland.
The video has been viewed nearly 3000 times since it was uploaded, with many flooding the post with comments of disbelief. The post has since been removed.
“This guy needs to be arrested. The rest of you in the comments need to look yourselves in the mirror,” one Instagram user wrote.
“Unfortunately you’re right,” another person responded. The post also attracted racist comments.
The man walking is hit from behind over the head.
The apparent attacker appears to be holding a brick or stone.
It comes after Black Lives Matter protests continue to dominate the streets of America following the death of George Floyd in May.
They have recently been reignited in Wisconsin after police repeatedly shot an African-American man, Jacob Blake, in the back.
The protests have sometimes descended into rioting, vandalism and violence.
Both the US president and the Mayor of Portland have blamed each other for violence at ongoing Black Lives Matter rallies, where a man was fatally shot in the chest as Donald Trump’s supporters and left-wing demonstrators clashed.
On Sunday, Mr Trump called Mayor Ted Wheeler a “fool” on Twitter and said to “Bring in the National Guard”, while Mr Wheeler blamed the President for creating such a toxic environment.

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