Son’s seriously cruel prank leaves Matty Johns speechless

Matty Johns’ son Cooper plays seriously cruel prank on NRL great

Matty Johns was lost for words and nearly “fainted” when his son Cooper floored him with a concern on live radio no father wants to hear.

Matty Johns is one of footy’s funniest characters but he was lost for words when son Cooper turned the tables with a seriously cruel prank call.
The 21-year-old playmaker, who made his NRL debut for Melbourne this season, was enlisted by radio duo Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O to put a scare through his dad and the youngster delivered.
Cooper said he was getting lots of feedback suggesting he looked like former rugby league star Kurt Gidley — and he asked Matty live on air whether the ex-NSW captain was his real father.
Cooper said the constant speculation was starting to rattle him, prompting Matty to tell him he shouldn’t be taking notice of “imbeciles” on social media.
“Oh mate, please, people say to me all the time how much we look alike,” Matty said.
“My first instinct is to laugh but at the moment I can’t really work out how serious you are. One-to-10, how serious are you now?”
Cooper said he was a “12” on the serious scale and Matty decided to use maths when his son suggested Gidley was about 35-years-old (he’s actually 38).
“Well there you go mate, so obviously he fathered you when he was 14. Come on,” Matty said. “It’s a gee-up.
“Any concerns you might have, they’re unfounded … you’ve got more chance of winning Lotto three nights in a row.
“But mate, if you’re really, really concerned about this, then you’re probably better off having the discussion with your mother (Trish).
“Seriously, there is absolutely no chance … no, nup.”

Cooper asked Matty if he would address the issue on his TV show and categorically announce the two were father and son.
“Now I am laughing. So you want me to go on my show — you imagine how that looks. I go, ‘Before we start the show, I just want to put all the rumours to bed that my son Cooper is actually my son’,” Matty said.
“People straight away go, ‘Geez, didn’t know that, there must be some truth in it’.
“Mate please, trust me.”
Matty again told his son to ignore social media trolls but the heaviest moment of the prank came when Cooper asked about getting a paternity test done. Matty went silent, lost for words.
“F*** mate, now you’re rattling me,” he eventually managed to say.
That’s when Kyle and Jackie O put an end to the cruelty, jumping in to let Matty know it was all done for a laugh.
“I tell you what, you’re lucky you jumped in. I was about to tell him his real dad is (Channel 9 presenter) Richard Wilkins,” Matty joked.
“Honestly, I nearly fainted.
“That silence you heard, it was me concerned. Not about the DNA test — I hate needles.
“I’m still rattled.
“I’m going to have a beer.”
Matty was able to see the funny side in the end.
Matty was able to see the funny side in the end.Source:News Corp Australia


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