Woman poured fuel on sleeping boyfriend then ignored his screams as he burned to death

Gina Virgilio will spend 60 years in jail for killing her boyfriend Michael Gonzalez. (Picture: KTUU/Facebook)

A woman who poured gasoline on her sleeping boyfriend then lit him on fire will spend 60 years in jail for murder. Gina Virgilio, 32, buried her face into her hands as Anchorage Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton announced her sentence on Monday for the death of Michael Gonzalez. On June 7, 2012, Virgilio and Gonzalez held a party for Gonzalez’s 24th birthday. He later passed out on the couch after drinking beer. As Gonzalez slept, Virgilio walked a quarter-mile to the nearest gas station. She returned and doused the couch Gonzalez slept on with gasoline, as well as the carpet and the area in front of the apartment’s only exit. Virgilio then lit mail on fire and tossed it on the gas – shutting the door on Gonzalez as she saw him get up and yell ‘hot, hot!’ Before Virgilio was sentenced, she told the judge that mental illness and heavy drug use drove her to kill her boyfriend, saying: ‘I hate me for what I did. I can never bring him back.’

Virgilio said she hates herself for what she did to Gonzalez, telling the court that she had no motive (Picture: AP)

Virgilio burned Gonzalez to death as he slept after they celebrated his 24th birthday. (Picture: Facebook)

She said she had no motive for the murder, telling the judge: ‘You can’t make sense out of a mind that makes no sense,’ according to the Anchorage Daily News. Virgilio’s brother, Reginald Carney, testified that Virgilio began to change after experimenting with drugs at age 20. He said she used everything including Oxycontin, cocaine, and marijuana.

She would later start injecting meth and disappeared for two weeks in January 2012 while attending a meth-fueled party – which reportedly began a six-month decline into drug psychosis that ended with Gonzalez’s murder. Virgilio’s lawyer, Craid Howard said: ‘Her brain was fried from meth,’ adding that she lost weight, tried to kill her child, and became obsessed with fire. Judge Wolverton called Virgilio’s case the most horrific offense he has ever ruled on. He sentenced Virgilio to 99 years with 39 years suspended, meaning she will likely spend 60 years in jail. She was also sentenced to ten years of probation after her release.
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