He told her she was 'one doughnut away from being single', so she lost 64kgs


Woman sheds 64kg after boyfriend says she’s ‘one doughnut away from being single’

Dannie Forster was binging on pizza and takeaway until her boyfriend’s joke about her diet “got on her nerves”, sparking a huge change. 


 Woman sheds half her body weight after boyfriend’s comment her diet.

A woman whose boyfriend told her she was “one doughnut away from being single” has shed more than half her body weight.

Dannie Forster went from 109kg at her heaviest to 45kg in less than a year, The Sun reports.

She had been struggling with postnatal depression and as a result did not want to leave the house after the birth of her son George, 3, in September 2017.

The 25-year-old from Newcastle, in northeast England, had no motivation to exercise and would frequently order takeaways, using the food as comfort.

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Dannie Forster’s partner Gary would tease her about her weight.


The senior stylist, who in 2018 reached her heaviest at 109kg, would order pizza, kebabs and McDonalds — often totalling several thousands calories.

Dannie would even order large Domino’s pizzas for herself at lunchtime, causing boyfriend Gary, 27, to joke that she was one doughnut away from being single.

Dannie soon became fed up with the constant teasing and decided to contact a personal trainer.

In September 2019 she started taking two sessions a week in order to change her body and swapped the pizzas for freshly cooked meals and completed four months of one-on-one training with rigorous cardio and weights sessions.

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At her heaviest she was a size 22 and weighed over 107kg. 

 Dannie has now shed over half her body weight and enjoys her new lifestyle. 

After a while Dannie felt she was able to exercise alone and successfully dropped 64kg.

She has even managed to give up her inhaler for the asthma she previously suffered.

She’s gone from 17st 3lbs (109kg) to 7st 3lb (45kg) in less than a year, marking September 2019 as her start point and July 2020 at the point where she reached her goal weight.

Even though gyms were closed during the lockdown, Dannie created her own home exercise routine and would exercise with friends on Facetime in order to stick with her routine.

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Dannie had been struggling with postnatal depression after the birth of her son George. 

 Dannie’s partner started to get on her nerves so she decided to contact a personal trainer. 

 Before losing weight Dannie would binge on fast food.


She said she’s “never been a skinny girl” and that she has always been a size 16 and happy.

“I’ve always done crash diets and unrealistic diets that are impossible to maintain like shake diets and coffee diets and restricting foods which never worked, I’d always end up binging on food,” Dannie explained.

“I met my partner who didn’t care about my size. When I had my son George, I ended up piling on the weight and got to a whopping size twenty two and weighed seventeen-stone-three-pounds (109kg).

“I became extremely lazy, not wanting to do anything active or leave the house.”

Dannie added that she got into the habit of eating anything in sight and “always ordering takeaways”.

“My partner would say should you be eating that and shall we go on a diet together.

“He made jokes like ‘you’re one doughnut away from being single’. All harmless comments really.

 “He started to get on my nerves, everyday criticising what I was eating.

“Although I can’t blame him too much as I did order Domino’s pizza for lunch to be delivered one time — it got out of hand.”

One night when Gary was asleep, Dannie decided to take matters into her own hands.

Scrolling through Instagram she found personal trainer Cat Luy.

Dannie said she was given advice on both exercise and nutrition and that Cat gave her the mindset that it wasn’t a diet and it was a lifestyle change.


 People have told Dannie that she looks unrecognisable. 

 She swapped her takeaway diet for freshly cooked, low calorie meals.


“Now I have lost weight, I feel like a totally different person. Even my wardrobe has totally changed from all black baggy clothes and now it’s colourful and fitted clothing.

“I trained more during lockdown as I had more time. I wrote out an exercise routine to stick to and did workouts on FaceTime with my normal gym buddies to keep us motivated.

“Once the restrictions weren’t as strict, I joined an outdoor bootcamp with my personal trainer who I hadn’t seen for six months.”

She went from consuming nearly 3,000 calories a day to a more varied diet, consisting of home cooked meals, lots of fruit and vegetables, totalling about 1,600 calories per day.

Dannie has lost a large amount of weight in a short period and says that now some people don’t even recognise her.

Despite gyms being closed during the lockdown, Dannie managed to continue her weight loss journey regardless, training even more than before by creating her own home exercise routine. 

“I’ve had a lot of people not recognise me which is quite funny and people normally say, ‘God you look so different’ and, ‘wow you look amazing’ which is always great to hear when you’ve worked so hard and people notice.”

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