‘Third wave here we come’: Kmart shoppers come under fire after midnight crowds


Coronavirus Victoria: Kmart shoppers come under fire after midnight crowds

There were crazy scenes at Kmart stores across Melbourne as crowds rushed through the doors as soon as lockdown lifted, but not everyone was happy about it.

 'Third wave here we come': Fury at Kmart shoppers


Excited crowds flocked to Kmart stores across Melbourne last night as they reopened for the first time in months.But not everyone was impressed with how residents chose to celebrate their new-found freedom, blasting people for ignoring social distancing rules just to go shopping.

 Videos and photos uploaded to social media showed queues of people waiting on the footpath outside the stores and people rushing around inside with full trolleys.

Social media users blasted shoppers for their actions with many concerned it could spark a rise in COVID-19 cases.

Crazy scenes at Kmart as restrictions lift

While many Melbourne residents marked the end of lockdown with a drink at the pub, there were others that had something else they were desperate to do.

People flocked to the 24 hour Kmart stores across the city and lined up out the front of the stores until the doors opened at 11.59pm.

Shoppers Melissa Cook and Marie Denetsos has been in the line outside Kmart Burwood since 6pm for the midnight opening.


“I’m so happy and excited, it’s good to be able to do this again,” Ms Cook told the Herald Sun.

So many people were desperate to get through the doors that Kmart had to set up a booking system to keep numbers under control.

“We will open our doors on Wednesday 28th October, but for your safety, we will limit the number of customers allowed in a store at one time for stores located in Metro Melbourne,” Kmart said on its website.

“Our Social Q app is here to save you time and get you into store as quickly as possible during busy periods – either use the app before you leave home to save your spot in store, or if there’s a line when you get to store, use the app to save your spot without lining up.”


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