'Are you joking?': American woman going wild for Kmart goes viral


TikTok video of US woman excited by Australian Kmart goes viral

One US expat didn’t hold back during a trip to the discount store – but admitted there was one thing Aussies had wrong when it came to shopping. 

When it comes to Australia, it seems there is one thing time and time again that people from other countries can’t get enough of – and no, it’s not the natural beauty of our beaches.

American woman Katie Payne has gone viral after sharing a video of her praising Kmart, labelling the discount department store the “only shop you will ever need”.

In a TikTok video that’s been viewed more than 500,000 times, Katie filmed herself going shopping at her “absolute favourite store in this country”.

“Are you joking?” Katie exclaims as she swivels around to survey the store.

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Katie Payne’s video has gone viral. Picture: TikTok

Katie Payne’s video has gone viral.

Her expression says it all. Picture: TikTok

Her expression says it all.

“It’s fantastic. The only thing that is missing is groceries, but there’s a f***ing Coles right over there, so it’s fine.

“It has everything, the clothes are spot on – I just got these cute a** shorts for five bucks.”

While Katie is a fan of Kmart, the expat can’t same the same for one of its biggest rivals, which she says doesn’t compare to the American version.

“I’ve been to Target, which Target in the US slaps way more, not going to tell a lie,” she said.

Katie was also blown away – like Aussies were this week when they discovered the “W” in Big W stood for Woolworths – at the link between Australia’s big supermarkets and the department stores.

“I also just put two and two together and Coles and Kmart go together and Big W and Woolies go together – that’s a mindf**k, I love that,” she said.

People on TikTok also loved Katie’s fascination with Kmart, with her video getting hundreds of comments.

“Target is America’s Kmart. When I lived in America I went to Kmart with such high expectations haha,” one Aussie who had lived in the United States helpfully explained.

“You don’t go to Kmart with a list. You go to Kmart and let it decide what you need,” another person recommended.

“As an Australian this is now my favourite video on here,” one follower also commented.

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UK expat Jordana Grace made a video warning about the ‘danger’ of Kmart back in July.

UK expat Jordana Grace made a video warning about the ‘danger’ of Kmart back in July.


Back in July, British woman Jordana Grace went viral when she made a TikTok video to warn about the dangers of Kmart.

In it, the comedy writer explained the discount department store poses a real risk of doing damage to your bank account – and lots of people agreed with her.

Titled, “Things they should tell you before you move to Australia”, Jordana revealed she had been unaware of Kmart until she arrived here.

“They warn you about the spiders and the snakes and the blistering heat, but what they don’t prepare you for (is) Kmart,” she said.

Jordana then filmed herself going to shop at Kmart to 50 Cent’s song Candy Shop, with the comedian looking lovingly around the store.

She changed the song’s lyrics to: “I take you to the Kmart shop, we’re going to buy lots and lots. Do I even need this stuff? My bank account keeps screaming no.”



I’ll never stop being so fascinated with Australia #kmartfinds

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