Australia's health minister has said it is now "absolutely clear" when the country will be completely vaccinated against coronavirus


Coronavirus Australia live: COVID vaccine hopes by early 2021

It's an "exciting day" for the nation after it was revealed some Aussies could be getting vaccinated against coronavirus in just a few months - with certain groups lucky enough to access it first.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was an "exciting day" for Aussies today as the nation secured access to two more coronavirus vaccines.

“As each day passes, we become more optimistic – cautious, of course – ensuring that we are going through all the necessary processes to ensure we have both a safe vaccine and an effective vaccine,” the PM said.

“Today, we’re announcing an extra $1.5 billion investment in the Novavax and the Pfizer vaccines. This adds to our overall program of over $3.5 billion, that we’re investing to ensure that Australians will be in the leading pack of the world as we move into the next phase of dealing with COVID-19, which is the vaccine phase.”

Earlier today, Health Minister Greg Hunt told Sunrise “it is absolutely clear that we are on a path to having vaccines for all Australians during the course of 2021”.

While Mr Hunt said the first round of vaccines would “likely” be available in March, there were a few groups that would get priority.

“If they were available earlier they would be made available earlier, if it takes a little bit longer that would be the case,” he said.

“But that remains the guidance and that would start, not surprisingly, with health workers. And also the elderly, if there are approvals within the particular vaccine categories following the tests for the elderly.”




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