Disgusted reaction after Melbourne Cup horse dies


Savage reaction after Melbourne Cup horse Anthony Van Dyck dies

Anti-racing activists have erupted in a fit of fury as they condemned the “sickening” death of another Melbourne Cup horse.

The world has reacted angrily after one of the Melbourne Cup favourites was euthanised because of a broken fetlock suffered during the race.

Once again a horse has suffered serious injury and been euthanised as the Melbourne Cup is marred by the loss of Anthony Van Dyck.

Anthony Van Dyck broke down on the straight and had to be put down.

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Jockey Hugh Bowman immediately dismounted and Anthony Van Dyck’s strapper ran out onto the track to be with the horse as he was loaded into an ambulance.

Racing Victoria’s (RV) Executive General Manager of Integrity Services, Jamie Stier, said in a statement released after the race Anthony Van Dyck was “humanely euthanised”.

“The horse received immediate veterinary care, however he was unable to be saved due to the nature of the injury sustained,” Stier said.

Anthony Van Dyck is the seventh horse to die on Cup Day since 2013 and has provided further ammunition for those who believe racing is a form of animal cruelty.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) held a protest on Monday with people donning horse heads and carrying signs saying “You bet they die” and “Nup to the cup”, along with whips and starter guns shooting fake blood into the air.

PETA was quick to release a statement condemning racing after the latest Melbourne Cup tragedy.

Anthony Van Dyck pulled up lame.

Anthony Van Dyck pulled up lame.Source:Supplied

Hugh Bowman had to jump off Anthony Van Dyck.

Hugh Bowman had to jump off Anthony Van Dyck.Source:Getty Images

“PETA is calling for an immediate investigation into the death of Anthony Van Dyck, the most recent in a long line of dead horses who are victims of the disgrace that stops the nation — the Melbourne Cup — and for his veterinary records to be released,” the statement read.

“While the industry focuses on the money made from animal suffering, glossing over the bleeding lungs, broken bones, and death, the reality of the abusive racing industry is that horses are made to run to the detriment of their health.

“Before they‘ve even finished maturing, these 500-kilogram animals — supported on ankles as small as those of humans — are pushed past their limits, forced to race at breakneck speeds to the finishing line while being whipped. It’s no surprise that in just the last racing year, 116 horses died on Australian racecourses.

“In 2019, PETA revealed that some 3000 Australian horses and their offspring had been cast off by the racing industry and killed for meat in South Korea. How many more deaths will it take before we call time on this disgraceful demonstration of national senselessness?”

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Many others joined the activist organisation in demanding change.

Victorian MP Andy Meddick, from the Animal Justice Party, said in a statement: “I am sickened by the death of a young stallion, Anthony Van Dyck, after he ‘broke down’ in the Melbourne Cup this afternoon.

“Melbourne Cup is beginning to feel like Groundhog Day. Almost every year, a horse breaks down and is killed.

“While the scenes today were confronting, nobody should be surprised. A racehorse dies every three days on Australian racetracks. The only difference is on Melbourne Cup Day, the whole country is watching.

“No animal deserves to die or be injured for gambling profits. Racing isn’t the sport of kings — it is a pastime of animal abuse. No amount of industry spin, glitz and glamour or celebrities can hide the truth.

“I only hope that Anthony Van Dyck’s death won’t be in vain and after today, more Australians will realise the brutality of the racing industry.”

Similarly Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi slammed the racing industry.

“This is the brutal reality of horse racing,” she said. “Anthony Van Dyck’s death is a tragic but hardly unforeseeable outcome.

“Horse racing is deadly and completely inhumane. We need to shut this industry down.

“The gambling-fuelled racing industry cannot be trusted or fixed. Last week I called on the Victorian authorities to cancel the Cup. Of course they pressed ahead with the race, but now, frankly, they have blood on their hands.”

Social media was full of people voicing their disgust about the tragic news.

A Current Affair host Tracey Grimshaw tweeted: “Looks like the Melbourne Cup has claimed another one. Anthony Van Dyck. Broke down at 300 metres. 4 years old. Born May 2016.”




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