Donald Trump swamps Americans with emails demanding money


US election: Emails claiming to be from Trump campaign demand money from Americans

Emails purporting to be from the ‘Donald Trump campaign’ are swamping voters with urgent demands for money.

Emails purporting to be from the Donald Trump campaign are swamping voters with urgent demands and even veiled threats to “step up” with money to fight “Democrats’ plan to steal the election”.

A Twitter account @TrumpEmail, which says it belongs to US media outlet The Daily Beast, claims a presidential campaign has flooded subscribers’ inboxes with more than a dozen demands via a “Support the Election Defence Fund”.

One of the emails addressed to “Friend” said: “This is your FINAL NOTICE. So far you’ve ignored our emails asking you to join us in DEFENDING THE ELECTION.

“You’ve ignored Team Trump, Eric, Lara, Don, the Vice President AND you’ve even ignore the President of the United States.”

The Daily Beast has previously reported that scammers have used so-called Trump emails to scam people in the past, but the Twitter account with the donation claims make also be fraudulent.

One of the fundraising emails, with the headline “Breaking! Democrats Plan to Steal The Election!” in capital letters and in red, exhorts the recipient, ““Friend, President Trump needs your help.

So-called ‘Trump campaign’ emails make ‘urgent’ demands for money to fight ‘Democrats’ plan to steal the election’.

So-called ‘Trump campaign’ emails make ‘urgent’ demands for money to fight ‘Democrats’ plan to steal the election’.Source:Supplied


 “Anytime the Radical Left came after him YOU have been there to defend him.

“We’re emailing you now to ask for you to step up ONE MORE TIME … and DEFEND the election and increase your impact by 1000%.

“Please contribute $5 RIGHT NOW to DEFEND the integrity of our Election …”

Recipients can then click on a red box with a green “ACTIVATED” above the words “DEADLINE: IMMEDIATELY” which claims a $5 contribution will be equal to $55, and a $20 contribution equal to $220.

Another email, also addressed to “Friend” says: “President Trump was right. Mail-in ballots have led to total and complete CHAOS. They are finding Biden votes all over the place.”

 It continued: “So bad for our Country and for the MILLIONS of voters who want to know the results.

“We must DEFEND the integrity of the election.”

Another email says, presumably for the subscriber who has clicked on the donate button, “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE THE TRUMP PATRIOT OF THE WEEK!”

The so-called “Final Notice” email tells the recipient, using capital letters and italics for emphasis: “TENS OF THOUSANDS of Patriots have stepped up for the VERY FIRST TIME in the last 48 hours – why haven’t you?”


Fundraising emails claiming to be from the ‘Trump campaign’ are flooding inboxes.

The emails are appearing in inboxes at up to nine per day.

The email continues: “The integrity of our election is being COMPROMISED, and its going to take EVERY Patriot stepping up

PJ Howland, vice president of industry insights at 97th Floor, a marketing agency, analysed Trump and former Vice President Biden’s campaign mailing lists after donating $100 to each campaign.

 The firm found the genuine Trump campaign sent 2.7 emails a day on average and as many as seven or eight emails on their highest-volume days




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