Donald Trump's crazy condition to admit defeat


Donald Trump’s final demand of Joe Biden before conceding defeat

Donald Trump has revealed one final, ridiculous demand if he is to leave the White House, despite saying yesterday he would leave peacefully.

Yesterday it seemed Donald Trump was close to accepting defeat by revealing he would leave the White House if his loss was confirmed, but now the outgoing president has unveiled one final, outlandish demand.

In order to step aside for President-elect Joe Biden, Mr Trump has insisted his rival must “prove” the “ridiculous” 80 million election votes he received were not illegally obtained.

“Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not fraudulently or illegally obtained,” Mr Trump wrote on Twitter.

“When you see what happened in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia & Milwaukee, massive voter fraud, he’s got a big unsolvable problem!”

The post was flagged as “disputed” by Twitter almost instantly.

In another post, Mr Trump claimed the major cities that Mr Biden did well in were known for being “politically corrupt”.

“Biden did poorly in big cities (Politico), except those of Detroit (more votes than people!), Philadelphia, Atlanta and Milwaukee, which he had to win,” he wrote.

“Not surprisingly, they are all located in the most important swing states, and are long known for being politically corrupt!”

For weeks Mr Trump has been demanding the vote count be stopped but despite his continual efforts the count continued, putting Mr Biden further ahead and cementing his election win.

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US President Donald Trump has demanded Joe Biden prove he didn’t obtain his election votes illegally. Picture: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP

US President Donald Trump has demanded Joe Biden prove he didn’t obtain his election votes illegally.

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The current count puts Mr Biden at 306 electoral votes and 80,112,109 public votes, compared to Mr Trump’s 232 electoral votes and 73,918,063 public votes.

From the moment Mr Biden started gaining votes in key states Mr Trump started making claims of mass voter fraud.

All major news outlets have now called the win for the democratic nominee but the current president has persisted with his claims, launching more than a dozen lawsuits in a desperate bid to hold on to office.

Mr Trump’s fresh demands come just a day after he came the closest he has ever been to admitting defeat.

While speaking to reporters following a Thanksgiving Day event at the White House, the president confirmed he would leave office if the electoral college voted for Mr Biden on December 14.

“It’s going to be a very hard thing to concede because we know there was massive fraud,” he said.

“So as to whether or not I can get this apparatus moving this quickly, because time isn’t on our side – everything else is on our side, facts are on our side – this was a massive fraud, this should never take place in this country, we’re like a third-world country. It was a rigged election.”

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NED-2731 What if Trump won't go? - 0
NED-2731 What if Trump won't go? - 0
NED-2731 What if Trump won't go? - 0


Asked again whether he would concede if the electoral college voted for Mr Biden, Mr Trump said, “If they do, they made a mistake because this election was a fraud. So no, I can’t say that.”

It took another reporter pressing the question before Mr Trump finally revealed he would leave office if the December 14 vote didn’t go his way.

“So if they do (vote for Mr Biden) you won’t leave the White House?” the reporter asked.

“Certainly I will,” Mr Trump replied.

“Certainly I will. And you know that. But I think that there will be a lot of things happening between now and January 20. Massive fraud has been found. We’re like a third-world country. We’re using computer equipment that can be hacked. They talk about glitches. How many glitches did they find? Oh, gee, we had a glitch, 5000 votes.”

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President-elect Joe Biden has received more than 80 million election votes. Picture: Mark Makela/Getty Images/AFP

President-elect Joe Biden has received more than 80 million election votes.

It comes as another one of Mr Trump’s legal bids to prove voter fraud in a key state was knocked back, with a federal appeals court dismissing the president’s claims and refusing to freeze Mr Biden’s win in Pennsylvania.

In a scathing review of the Trump campaign’s arguments that the president was cheated in his November 3 re-election bid, three appeals court judges unanimously said that allegations of unfairness were not supported by evidence.

“Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so,” the court said.

On Tuesday the Pennsylvania government officially certified Mr Biden’s victory in the state, with the Trump campaign appealing to federal court to have that certification frozen.

But the appeals court said Trump’s campaign had nothing substantial to argue. “Its allegations are vague and conclusory,” the judges said. “It never alleges that anyone treated the Trump campaign or Trump votes worse than it treated the Biden campaign or Biden votes.”

It is the latest in more than two dozen court defeats across the US

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