Donald Trump's Press Secretary roasted over bizarre "million" march claim


US election live: "Very ugly scenes" as pro-Trump rally turns violent

A pro-Trump rally in Washington DC has turned violent with shocking images of the president's supporters assaulted as "the mob piled in".

Shocking images have emerged of bloodied and bruised pro-Trump supporters following a rally in Washington DC in support of the US President.    

The ABC’s Philip Williams spoke of “very ugly scenes” as protesters were set upon.

It’s estimated around 10,000 Trump supporters gathered for the main protest in support of the President’s so far unproven claims that the election was rigged.

Tensions began to flare as supporters came face to face with groups of anti-Trump protesters as night fell.

Video has emerged of a man who was apparently hit collapsing to the ground with a injury to his head. Other footage shows  a woman punched in the back of the head, a man pushed to the ground and MAGA flags burned.  Police have made multiple arrests. 

Meanwhile, claims by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany that a “million” attended the march have been rubbish. 

Mr Trump briefly turned up the rally with his motorcade driving through. But he didn’t stop, instead heading off for a round of golf. 

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