Fed-up former Donald Trump supporter reveals why she's voting for Joe Biden


Four years ago, lifelong Republican supporter and conservative blogger Sean Bianca Lee voted for Donald Trump to become President of The United States.

But this year she is turning her back on the party and backing Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, instead.

“I look at him as the best man for the job at this point for America,” she explained on Sunrise.

“When I voted for Donald Trump, he ran on ‘Make America Great Again’, but my fear is that America may never be great again if Donald Trump is re-elected.”

Lee says she became increasingly “angry” about Trump’s performance throughout his Presidency and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic was the “final straw.”

Donald Trump is trailing Joe Biden in most national polls.
Donald Trump is trailing Joe Biden in most national polls. Credit: Getty

“What kind of a man holds rallies in the middle of a worldwide deadly pandemic that has killed over 230,000 Americans?” she asked.

“What kind of a man misleads a nation to the point that I still have Trump supporters look at me and say that the pandemic is a joke, that it’s hoax and it’s a Democratic ploy to get Joe Biden elected?”

“It’s not a joke, I know people who have lost loved ones from COVID-19.”

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