A mom and her daughter have made history as the first-ever mother-daughter duo to pilot a commercial passenger plane together.

Captain Suzy Garrett and her daughter Donna Garrett, who both work for SkyWest Airlines, soared into the history books a few days ago when they first flew a plane together 

This isn't the first time Suzy, 56, has made the headlines – she was also one of the first women hired by SkyWest Airlines and has been flying planes for more than 30 years.


Flying airplanes runs in the family; Suzy's husband, Donna's father, Doug, and her son Mark are also pilots.

Speaking before her and her daughter's historic flight, Captain Garrett told the SkyWest Airlines blog: 'We absolutely love our jobs. You don't see that too much in other occupations.

'None of our kids were thinking about becoming pilots, but when you start looking at other careers that are out there, like sitting in an office, and then see how happy we are – it opened their eyes.'

Donna, 26, added: 'I was exposed to aviation my whole life. I decided to fly because of my parents' passion and love for flying. They made it so much fun.


'I got to do a lot of traveling growing up.

'I was exposed to the world, which was a big inspiration. Experiencing my mom and dad's lifestyle was wonderful. It revealed to me the possibilities the industry offered.'

Suzy said she 'loves' working with her daughter. 

'I love it! I really love it. It's neat having your kid experience what you've gotten to experience. She's part of the SkyWest family,' she explained. 

'I think it's going to be a great career for her. She likes having variety and excitement in her life.' 

The captain also talked about her passion for her career and why it's such a great path for women.

She added: 'I am super grateful for this job. For women, the work schedule flexibility is a plus; the ability to have a family.

'What better career is out there where you can make this kind of money and not have to have high stress by taking your work home with you?

'Scheduling is a big reason why I've stayed with SkyWest. It was great when the kids were growing up. 

'I could volunteer for field trips, parties at school and be that mom, while also having this wonderful career!'

Donna often shares photos of her travels around the world on her Instagram page, which has more than 35,800 followers. 

The young pilot proudly posts pictures of herself in her pilot's uniform, including snapshots of her at various airports with her parents.   

Back in February, right before the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing in the US, Donna ran into her father Doug at Chicago O'Hare Airport. 

'This was a first...ran into my dad at work!' she captioned the image. 'Everything else about yesterday was terrible and exhausting, but this made up for it.'

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