"He plans to wreck Fox": Trump wants to start a new digital channel to get back at Fox News


Trump has not-so-subtly been trying to get viewers to ditch Fox News and tune into other conservative-friendly channels.

"If you can't join them, beat them" seems to be the mantra that Donald Trump is following to take revenge on Fox News.

The once-strong love affair between Donald Trump and Fox News has taken a hit after the news outlet shifted gears and decided to go with the tide, which, following the 2020 presidential elections, happened to be away from him. During his presidential term, Trump has been widely accused of using Fox News as his mouthpiece to peddle his agenda. And three administration officials revealed that Trump would call the conservative-friendly channel as "my network" and say, "I give Fox these mega-ratings. It’s all me," as reported by The Washington Post.

Fox News was the one mainstream media network that Trump used to rely on but it looks like the president's opinion about them has soured. "The biggest difference between the 2016 Election, and 2020, was @FoxNews!" Trump wrote on Twitter.


Sources now reveal that Trump is moving towards turning Fox News from an ally to rival, and he plans to do so by creating his own digital media company to compete with the news outlet, as reported by Business Insider.

Advisers to the president revealed to Axios that Trump was furious after Fox News made an early call of Biden's win in Arizona. A source that is reportedly well aware of Trump's intentions said, "He plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it."

Instead of starting a cable channel, which is an expensive process that also needs time, Trump is planning to roll out a digital media channel. This would save him time and money and would allow people to stream the channel online. And what might viewers see on the channel when they tune in? "He's going to spend a lot of time slamming Fox," the source added.

Donald Trump at the East Room of the White House in the early morning hours of November 04, 2020 (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Chip Somodevilla)

In the past, Trump has been a regular guest on the show, Fox & Friends. Even on his last day of his 2020 presidential campaign, Trump spoke on the show and said the one thing that changed the most for him since 2016 was "Fox."

"It’s much different now," Trump said, as reported by The Washington Post. "It’s a much different operation—I’m just telling you."

Things have become icier after Fox's reporting of the election results, leading to Trump not-so-subtly trying to get his loyal supporters to ditch Fox News and point their eyes at ultra-right-wing channels like Newsmax and One America News, according to Forbes. Trump went on a series of re-tweets where he shared posts of users who spoke about switching to Newsmax and One America News.

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Towards the end of the elections, Newsmax TV had seen a rise in the number of viewers, who later saw the channel reporting Trump's conspiracy theories of voter fraud and claiming that Biden is not the president-elect, as reported by CNN Business.

Trump's idea of setting up his own channel as payback is not something new. On several occasions in the past, Trump has touted the idea of starting his own network, and once mentioned it as his way of responding to CNN’s "fake news" coverage, according to Axios.

It was reported that Fox still enjoys record ratings and the CEO of Fox Corp., Lachlan Murdoch, said towards the beginning of November, "Fox News has been the most-watched network in all of television, from Memorial Day through Election Day."

When asked about whether a Trump-initiated news network, if it ever came into existence, would affect them, Murdoch replied, "We love competition."



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