Heartbreak at zoo as Zebra named Hope is scared to death by fireworks


Zoo reveals death of zebra believed to have been caused by nearby fireworks

A young zebra named Hope died when fireworks went off, scaring it and causing it to barrel into a zoo enclosure fence.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol, UK, announced in a statement on Wednesday the young zebra had died.

It was named Hope because it was born at the start of Britain’s first lockdown and became a “symbol of positivitiy” for keepers.

“She was named Hope by our keepers to symbolise a ray of light and hope at a time which felt so bleak,” the zoo said.

“It is believed that Hope became spooked by the loud bangs of fireworks from several fireworks displays held locally.

Zebra Hope and its mother.
Zebra Hope and its mother. Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

“It appears that the fright caused the animal to bolt and she collided with the boundary of the enclosure.”

The zoo’s managing director Larry Bush said Hope was “full of life”.

“It is such a tragedy that she has lost her life, seemingly as a result of fireworks being set off at nearby events which were intended as a celebration,” he said.

Hope the zebra was killed when fireworks scared
Hope the zebra was killed when fireworks scared Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

The zoo said it hopes the death changes peoples’ minds about the use of fireworks and their impacts on animals.

The United Kingdom reentered COVID lockdown last Thursday, a day after the fireworks were set off and the animal died.


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