How Donald Trump can still win


US Election: Who will win? Trump and Biden’s paths to victory

The US election has flipped, with Joe Biden now looking more and more likely to win. But Donald Trump still has a fighting chance.

With Joe Biden projected to win the battleground state of Michigan, can Donald Trump still win?

Yes, but it’s looking less and less likely.

With Michigan’s 16 electoral votes, the Democratic nominee now sits on 264 – just six shy of the magic 270 needed to take the presidency.

Nevada has six electoral votes.

Mr Trump currently has 214 electoral votes. To reach 270, he needs Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, Georgia’s 16 and North Carolina’s 15, plus Nevada.

That would put him on 271.

One big caveat – Joe Biden’s 264 total assumes he has won Arizona, which has 11 electoral votes, but counting there continues and the Trump campaign still believes it will ultimately prevail.

The Trump campaign was reportedly furious that Fox News called Arizona early on Tuesday night, arguing it can still pull ahead based on the heavy proportion of in-person, election-day votes that leaned heavily towards the Republican.

So the President needs to win all three of the key remaining toss-up states, plus either Arizona or Nevada.

If he takes those three plus Arizona but not Nevada, he reaches 276 – with Nevada, 282.

Should Mr Trump’s camp prove correct and they prevail in Arizona, that would bring Mr Biden’s total back to 253.

That would mean he could still win by taking Pennsylvania alone, putting him on 273.

If he loses Pennsylvania and Arizona, Mr Biden would need at least two out of three remaining states of Georgia, North Carolina and Nevada.

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