‘Irreparable hole in our hearts’: Sam Armytage confirms family tragedy


Sam Armytage has confirmed the passing of her mum

On Saturday, the Sunrise co-host posted a series of family photos of her mother Libby, saying she had “bravely fought” for a long time.

She passed away just after the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday afternoon.

“She had fought bravely for a long time and suffered a lot, but finally her big-loving heart just couldn’t do it anymore,” Armytage wrote on Instagram.

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“Mums are the centre of a family and losing ours has thrown us all in a spin & left a huge, irreparable hole in each of our hearts.

“We are very, very sad. She was wonderful; kind, loving, loyal, wildly wicked, funny & formidable.

“She will be missed forever, but she’s at peace now.. forever an angel. RIP Libby Armytage 13/11/51-3/11/20.”

Along with the message, Armytage posted a series of photos, including ones of her mother’s “happy place,” which was her rose garden.

In August, Armytage posted another family photo to Instagram and said her mother had been “gravely ill for a while” as she has an autoimmune disease, which has resulted in heart failure.

When her father first went to visit Armytage’s mother in hospital, he suffered a stroke and has been in rehabilitation.

“To anyone out there with loved ones in the hospital right now or anyone out there near your parents right now, give them a hug for me,” she wrote at the time.

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