Murdered Melbourne woman, 23, 'stalked by obsessed colleague' before death


Mernda m*urder probe continues as family of Celeste Manno tell of 'obsessed stalker'

The family of a young woman found d*ead in her own home claim she was let down by a broken system.

Celeste Manno, 23, was found d*ead in her family’s Mernda home in the early hours of Monday morning.

A 35-year-old man known to her presented himself to a nearby police station shortly after and was a*rrested.

He remains under police guard in hospital for treatment to minor injuries.

Celeste’s family has told 7NEWS the man was a former work colleague who was allegedly stalking her.

He was allegedly fired from his position at the start of the year.

Celeste Manno, 23, was found d*ead at her Mernda home.

Brother Allessandro, 19, said: “Every since that day he’s been obsessed with her, harrassing her on social media for months and months.

“At first she would be nice to him and just say, thank you, I’m not interested, and then he kept getting obsessive, and she had to block him.”

7NEWS understands Celeste was fatally s*tabbed when her k*iller b*roke in through her bedroom window.

Her brothers and boyfriend joined dozens of mourners outside her home on Tuesday. They consoled friends, family and colleagues who are pleading for change to better protect women.

Her father told reporters: “What’s the point of it? The system doesn’t work, it let us down, it let my daughter down.

“It’s gotta be changed, it won’t bring her back but it’s gotta be changed.“

In a heartrending Facebook post, the older sister of Celeste’s boyfriend Chris, shared her shock.

“Her name was Celeste Manno and she was my little brother’s girlfriend,” Sarah Ridsdale wrote.

“She was supposed to be celebrating her birthday with Chris this week.

“She was supposed to be having Christmas with our family. Her family. Her mother. Her brothers.

“Her mother and brothers are beside themselves with grief. Christopher will undoubtedly be questioning himself and this situation for years to come.

“What could we have done? Why? Just why?”

Celeste’s s*uspected k*iller remains in hospital under police guard with ch*arges yet to be laid.

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