Shocking video of moment man killed by THREE hit-and-run drivers


Police in the US are searching for motorists involved in a shocking incident which saw a man killed after he was struck by three separate hit-and-run drivers.

The pedestrian was crossing the road when he was hit by a motorcyclist, knocking him to the ground on a busy road.

The 50-year-old man was then struck by a car just moments later. A third vehicle then appears to hit him and also fails to stop.

“Both the motorcycle and the vehicle fled the scene ... without stopping or rendering aid to the pedestrian,” the Los Angeles Police South Traffic Division said.

LAPD Detective Ryan Moreno (left) alongside footage of the incident released by police. Source: ABC News/LAPDLAPD Detective Ryan Moreno (left) alongside footage of the incident released by police. Source: ABC News/LAPD

“Los Angeles Fire Department responded and pronounced the pedestrian deceased at scene.”

The incident took place at about 7:30pm on November 22, with police later releasing footage in an attempt to track down the drivers.

In video released by the LAPD, the man, later identified as Jose Fuentes, can be seen stepping onto the road, before taking a step backwards before he was hit by the motorcyclist.

“Nobody stopped and helped out Mr Fuentes as he lied there,” LAPD Detective Ryan Moreno told reporters.

“The guy on the motorcycle, he kind of went out onto the street, maybe [he could have] stopped to block traffic and prevented even the second or third collision from happening. But he elected to get on his motorcycle and took off and left, and fled the scene.”

In separate footage released by the LA Police South Traffic Division, the man on the bike can be seen stopping somewhere down the road before getting back on his bike and fleeing.

Outrage over ‘disgraceful’ drivers

People were outraged by the footage, which was shared by the LAPD on Facebook.

“Disgraceful! I hope these drivers are found and held accountable,” remarked one person.

“This is sickening! I hope these murderers are haunted by this throughout this already grief-riddled holiday season,” another commented.

Others, thought the victim was at fault.

“It was definitely the pedestrian’s fault, but all of the drivers should have stopped. Now they are definitely going to face charges,” one Facebook user said.


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