The Block’s mysterious $4.256 season-winning buyer revealed


Jimmy and Tam’s mystery winning buyer on The Block revealed

This mysterious young woman went head-to-head with IT millionaire Danny Wallis during last night’s Block auctions – and won. 

Eccentric IT millionaire Danny Wallis was the main attraction during The Block’s grand finale last night, offering up bid after massive bid and eventually buying three properties in a row for almost $12 million.

But one quiet, self-assured young woman - dubbed a “mystery blonde” by presenter Shelley Craft - beat Wallis at his own game, outbidding him to secure this season’s winning house for a massive $4.256 million.

That mysterious woman is Emese Fajk, a cyber security specialist who moved to Australia from New York a year ago. Publicly available business listings show that Hungarian-born Fajk, 28, had also worked in London before New York.

Her massive purchase meant Brisbane Block couple Jimmy and Tam went home $1.066 million richer – an Australian TV prize money record.

Remarkably chill for someone about to spend $4.256 million.

Remarkably chill for someone about to spend $4.256 million.

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The young, bespectacled blonde held her ground as Wallis threw out intimidating and deliberately confusing bids, like his jaw-dropping opening bid that raised the stakes by almost a million dollars.

“The whole room just went crazy. Nobody knew it was coming – for a first bid to be 910 grand over reserve was just unheard of, it was a crazy feeling,” Jimmy told of Wallis’ game-changing opener.

But as Wallis dug his heels in, offering up bizarre bids like “$4,241,691.18,” Fajk stayed focused, and even appeared amused by his antics. Eventually, he relented, leaving her to snap up the property.

Danny Wallis vs. Emese Fajk: Choose your fighter.

Danny Wallis vs. Emese Fajk: Choose your fighter.

Winning couple Jimmy and Tam said as they headed into the auction that they understood that Fajk had an “emotional connection” to the house – yet incredibly, she only inspected it for the first time the night before.

“It was amazing, because Emes has an emotional connection to the house, and to be able to pass the house onto someone who loves it as much as we do is far beyond what we expected,” Jimmy told

“She’s watched The Block from the start; she loves it. She said to us that she felt like she was going on this journey with us. You could just tell that she adores this house; she’s so emotionally connected to it. For us, who built this house and put our heart and soul into it, there’s nothing more gratifying than knowing your house went to the right person,” said Tam.

So while the woman only inspected the house the night before, as an avid Block fan, in a way she’d been inspecting it all season.

Jimmy and Tam reel from their win.

Jimmy and Tam reel from their win.

“When she was actually in the house and walking through it, she was blown away by the size and the execution of everything we’d done. Seeing it in person really sealed the deal for her,” said Jimmy.

In contrast with her bidding rival Wallis, little is publicly known about the mysterious Emes, who told Domain she fell in love with Jimmy and Tam’s house after The Block was the first show she started watching when she moved to Australia.

“That’s why I went so hard on it and that’s why I didn’t back down,” she said.

“Properly setting roots down in Australia was already on the cards, so having a property that you love and you can feel that sort of emotional connection [to] and meet the people that built it, that made all the difference, that’s why I was willing to go all out.”

Emes had more than a few admirers last night – while others just wanted to know how she got all that cash:


Here’s how this year’s Block couples finished up at auction:

5th place – Daniel and Jade, $460,000 profit.

4th place – Luke and Jasmin, $506,000

3rd place – Harry and Tash, $650,000

2nd place – Sarah and George, $650,002

1st place – Jimmy and Tam, $966,000 + $100,000 prize money = $1,066,000

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