BREAKING: Biden wins presidency, defeating Trump


 Joe Biden won the presidential election in his birth state of Pennsylvania on Saturday, giving him least 273 electoral votes — more than enough to capture the White House and deny President Trump a second term, according to a projection by the Associated Press.

The unofficial result pushed Biden past the threshold of 270 needed for a national victory, even without earlier, disputed projections by Fox News and The Associated press that also gave the Democratic challenger Arizona’s 11 electoral votes.

Biden’s apparent victory in Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral votes, has him leading Trump 284-214 in the Electoral College.

Scranton-born Biden took the lead in the Keystone State on Friday morning, steadily narrowing the gap and leading by some  30,952 ballots after whittling down President Trump’s once-commanding 600,000 vote advantage on Election Day.

Trump, an alum of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, snared the state in 2016, bookending a crucial string of victories through the Rust Belt.

Both Biden and Trump campaigned heavily down the homestretch in Pennsylvania, scrapping for votes in what was pegged as a make-or-break state.

The state became ground zero in the prolonged 2020 presidential race as the Trump campaign filed a flurry of litigation seeking to ban drop boxes and limit how long mail-in ballots could be counted.

With his lead dwindling, the president dispatched surrogates to the Keystone State who claimed that Trump was the rightful victor and claimed Democrats were trying to “steal” the state from him.

Lawyers for the president also became engaged in a legal tug-of-war with election officials in Philadelphia, claiming that their poll observers were not being given proper access to watch the vote count.

His campaign demanded the vote count be stopped but a federal judge threw out that suit on Thursday evening, saying it had no merit.



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