US election: Steve Kornacki attracts praise for relentless coverage


US election: Viewers baffled by Steve Kornacki who seemingly hasn't gone off air

Viewers in the US are in awe of a local TV anchor who seemingly hasn't gone off the air in three days.

An American anchor has become the talk of Twitter as it appears he hasn't gone off air since the election began.  

Celebs and viewers alike are praising data analyst Steve Kornacki, who is fronting MSNBC’s 24/7 US election coverage, for his relentless reporting as the race for the presidency edges closer to a conclusion.

Meanwhile British broadcaster Piers Morgan has taken a vicious swipe at musician James Blunt after the artist used a reference to the US election to promote his new book today.

In a hilariously self-deprecating tweet, the You’re Beautiful singer and social media king wrote to fans: “Just to add to the misery… my book comes out today.”

Retweeting the cheeky self-promotion, Morgan wrote: “Haven’t we suffered enough this year?” Ouch.

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