Vienna shooting: Terror attack as multiple shots fired by city's main synagogue


Vienna shooting: Terror attack as multiple shots fired by city's main synagogue

A SHOOTING near a synagogue in Vienna which is being treated as a suspected terror attack has left at least one person dead and more than a dozen injured.

Austria's interior minister told state broadcaster ORF TV the attack is believed to have been carried out by multiple people. Footage posted on social media showed people scrambling for cover as shots can be heard in the background. A man can be heard shouting while sirens go off and a pedestrians cowers behind a bike rack. Several people have been injured in the attack, including a police officer who suffered gunshot wounds. 

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said: "At the moment I can confirm we believe this is an apparent terror attack.

"We believe there are several perpetrators.

"Unfortunately there are also several injured, probably also dead."

He said while one attacker had died, another was still "on the run". 

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called the incident a "repulsive terror attack". 

The interior ministry said one suspect had been arrested, the Austrian Press Agency reported.  

The agency reported that one of the suspects and a bystander had been shot dead. 


BREAKING: Austrian police are responding to a shooting near a synagogue in Vienna (Image: TWITTER)

austria police vienna terror shooting synagogue

Armed police have been deployed on the streets of Vienna following the shooting (Image: GETTY)

State media reported that the attacked had taken several people hostage at the Akakiko restaurant and the Hilton Hotel. 

ORF TV quoted an interior ministry spokesman as saying six locations, all of which are in the vicinity of the street housing the central synagogue, had come under attack. 

The broadcaster said 15 people were being treated in hospitals in the city, including seven who have serious injuries. 

A video shot by a passerby and posted online shows armed police storming down a street in Vienna shouting at people to get out of their way. 

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vienna terror attack synagogue

People running near the scene of the shooting (Image: GETTY)

Police in Vienna have confirmed they are responding to a major incident in the city centre and have asked people to stay away.

Footage posted online shows a bloody scene outside Salzamt restaurant on a cobbled street. 

Five people can be seen gathered around a person lying on the ground in a pool of blood. 

Police said all available forces have been deployed to the area. 

vienna terror attack synagogue

Police search a man as an armed officers aims his gun (Image: GETTY)

austria police vienna terror shooting synagogue

Armed police patrol the streets of Vienna (Image: GETTY)

The city's force tweeted: "Urgent - Currently there is a major police operation in the #InnerenStadt.

"We are increasingly on site with our resources.

"More precise circumstances are currently being collected. As soon as we have more details, you will find out here."

The force confirmed multiple casualties. 

vienna terror attack synagogue

Armed police and a police dog pictured near the scene of the attack (Image: GETTY)

police austria

Armed police pictured near the scene of the shooting (Image: GETTY)

They said: "Shots fired in the Inner City district - there are persons injured - KEEP AWAY from all public places or public Transport."

ORF TV cited witnesses saying several shots had been fired near a synagogue at around 8pm. 

The newspaper Kronen Zeitung said the attack was on the street that houses the city's main synagogue.

police austria

Vienna Police said all available units had been deployed (Image: GETTY)

It said a security office guarding the synagogue was injured.

The publication and other media reported shots fired in the area of a nearby square, Schwedenplatz.

The head of Austria's Jewish community said on Twitter that it is not yet clear if the synagogue or the adjoining offices were the target of the attack. 

police austria

Armed police pictured on a street in Vienna (Image: GETTY)

police austria

An armed police officer is pictured near the scene of the shooting (Image: GETTY)

Oskar Deutsch said the offices were closed at the time of the shooting. 

EU Council President Charles Michel tweeted: "Europe strongly condemns this cowardly act that violates life and our human values. 

"My thoughts are with the victims and the people of Vienna in the wake of tonight's horrific attack. 

"We stand with Austria."

Public transport has halted all stops in central Vienna. 

The city's ambulance service confirmed one person had died in the incident. 

A police officer in Vienna was shot and injured in the incident near the synagogue (Image: GETTY)

Road blocks have been set up across the city centre. 

In 1981, two people were killed and 18 injured during an attack by two Palestinians at the central synagogue in Vienna. 

In 1985, a Palestinian extremist group attacked Vienna airport with hand grenades and attack rifles, killing three civilians.

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