Woman horrifies social media with wild steak cooking method


A woman’s TikTok video of her cooking a steak in a toaster has sparked a social media furore.

The video was posted by Juliette, under the handle @itsmeju1iette, alongside the caption “cooking steak for my boyfriend”.

She also overlayed text on the video that can be seen above, writing “how to cook a steak”, which has enraged the masses.

Quite concerningly, the finished product actually looks pretty good but people have rightly pointed out how savage the act is.

“RIGHT TO JAIL,” one person commented on the clip.

“How to not cook a steak,” another added.

“How to get salmonella 101,” a third chimed in.

Juliette can be seen cooking steak in a toaster.
Juliette can be seen cooking steak in a toaster. Credit: @itsmeju1iette/TikTok

Other TikTok users enquired into where the seasoning is while many made reference to chef Gordon Ramsay and how horrified he’d be.

“Gordon Ramsay is QUAKING,” one person wrote.

“I really didn’t know that people WANTED to be attacked by Gordon,” another added.

People have also commented about the excessive amount of sauce Juliette slaps on her steak in the clip.

“Notice how she had to drown it in sauce...,” a person pointed out.

Juliette’s popular TikTok page appears to be full of unorthodox cooking rituals.

She’s done everything from boil spaghetti and meatballs in a kettle to cook hot dogs in a tumble dryer.


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