Baby girl dumped in a plastic bag and abandoned in the woods found alive. Thousands come forward to adopt her

 If three teenage girls didn't happen to hear her cries in time, the story would have had a very different ending.

Trigger warning: Contains graphic visuals that may be disturbing for some.

The chance to be born safely in a hospital and cradled in the arms of her parents, surrounded by friends and family who have come to celebrate her first moments was something this little baby did not have. Instead, she was found within hours of her birth in a plastic bag with her umbilical cord still in place.

Alan Ragatz, the man who found the little one, called it an "act of God" after finding the abandoned baby before it was too late.

It was Alan's three teenage daughters who first heard the cries of the infant when they were by themselves in the woods near their Forsyth County home, reports WSB-TV.

"(We) grabbed our flashlights and we're driving around and we're, like, ‘That doesn't sound like an animal,'" said Kayla, Alan's daughter.

Alan found it hard to believe when his three daughters came back home and recounted how they heard the cries of a baby. "I said, ‘That's got to be impossible. It's a baby raccoon, deer or something,’" Alan recalled.

However, when they were back at the spot in the woods, Alan realized that the sounds were indeed that of a human child.

"We went down, pulled it up. There was a poor little baby wrapped in a plastic bag, and we called 911," Alan went on to say. "She was alive. She was crying, so we figured that was a good sign. Could have been worse. The credit goes to my girls. They were the ones sticking with it."

Deputies who arrived at the spot immediately administered first aid to the baby and the sheriff thanked the Ragatz family for promptly taking action.

"It is, without doubt, divine intervention that this child was found. If it wasn't for these citizens, we would be having a different conversation," said Sheriff Ron Freeman.

At the time, the baby was temporarily named Baby India. Although she was found lying on top of a pile of leaves and twigs inside a plastic bag, she thankfully had no significant injuries.

Recalling the unforgettable night, Forsyth Sheriff's Deputy Terry Roper, told Good Morning America, "When we were able to pick her up, wrap her up, get her a little warm, I was able to talk to her a little bit," as quoted by ABC News.

He added, "I wanted to give her comfort," he said. "A little bit later I realized it was the first time she had felt love, and I felt honored to be able to give her that."

After her rescue, thousands of people came forward to give the newborn a loving home. "We've had, literally, thousands of people across the country and other parts of North America come forward wanting to adopt Baby India," Tom Rawlings, director of the state Division of Family and Children Services.

It didn't take long for her to show signs of improvement, as Rawlings described, "She's gaining weight and smiling a lot. She's an easy baby who loves to be held and sung to, and she's overall thriving now."

At the time, according to CNN, Rawlings also said, "Once a forever home is found for her, she will have the opportunity to grow up under any name given to her by her adoptive parents."

Although her life began with a terrible incident, the amount of love that came pouring in for her from all corners was heartwarming. 

According to Fox 10, Rawlings also said, "We've seen the outpouring of support and love for this child. And it reminds us that, as an agency, we have the opportunity to find the love that these children need."

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