Bloke forced to sell PS5 after raging wife discovers it's not an air purifier like he'd told her


Man’s wife forces him to sell PS5 after discovering it’s not an air purifier

A man tried to fool his wife into thinking his new gaming console was an air purifier and she made him pay when she discovered the truth. 

A bloke was forced to sell his brand new PS5 after he lied to his wife and told her it was an air purifier.

The man‘s failed attempt to trick his wife ended with him having to give up his brand new console, selling it for a cut price.

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The new consoles have been in high demand. Picture: Charly Triballeau/ AFP

The new consoles have been in high demand.

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According to a report by AsiaOne, the man’s ruse worked at first and his wife was convinced the games console was an air purifier.

But when a rat died inside the couples home, the PS5 did little to mask the smell – exposing his cunning plan to his wife.

The husband’s desperate attempt to fool his wife emerged after she made him sell the $450 device to eager game Jin Wu.

Mr Wu, from Taiwan, explained how he spotted someone flogging the highly sought after PS5, which have been selling out across the world, on Facebook.

He claimed had found the listing on November 20 and arranged to meet up with the potential seller.

The PlayStation 5 was listed as much cheaper than the others he had seen advertised on Facebook’s marketplace.

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An employee prepares the new Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console for a customer. Picture: Charly Triballeau/ AFP

An employee prepares the new Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console for a customer.

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It sounded too good to be true. But it wasn’t for Mr Wu.

Before the meet, he called to discuss the arrangement – but was met by a female voice, who he thought didn’t sound like much of a gamer themselves.

He explained the woman sounded eager to sell the console for some reason.

Mr Wu wrote: “When the seller arrived, it turned out to be a middle-aged man. You could tell that he definitely played video games, just with a single look.”

The pair got talking during the exchange, and Wu inquired where he had bought the console.

The man explained he has bought it from, PChome, a major online marketplace in Taiwan.

The seller admitted: “It‘s my wife who wants to sell it …” The Facebook post continued: “I went silent after seeing the look in his eyes. I could feel his pain.

“Seems like women can still tell the difference between a PS5 console and an air purifier.”

A meme comparing the design of the PS5 to an air purifier.

A meme comparing the design of the PS5 to an air purifier.

Even before the release of the new model, memes were circulating in Taiwan comparing the new consoles to air purifiers.

Facebook users highlighted the similarities of Wu’s encounter to a viral South Korean cartoon by YouTuber, Jangbbijju.

The illustrated joke shows a man trying to convince his wife that the PlayStation is a special router, called “Plash Speed”.

The PlayStation 5 was released in limited supply, with nifty scalpers taking advantage of the shortage and hiking up prices for those desperate to get their hands on a console.

This article originally appeared on The Sun


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